Los Angeles DA George Gascon changes course on getting rid of all punishment increases

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gescon has backfired on increasing criminal punishment, just days after announcing he would get rid of “no exceptions” to the short-term policy.

Enhancements are policies that make certain situations extra punishable under specific circumstances, such as speeding up the school zone or committing a crime if previously convicted.

The newly elected Gescon has introduced several criminal justice reform-oriented directives this month, announcing a backlash that he recently criticized as “fear-free” like Thursday.

Former San Francisco Police Chief George Gascon speaks during a news conference on May 5, 2010 at San Francisco Hall in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Justin Julivan / Getty Image)

But in a memorandum submitted to deputy district attorneys in his office on Friday, Gascon issued an amendment that would still allow prosecutors to pursue enhancements under certain conditions.

He also wrote a letter to the general public about the move shared on Twitter.


He said that although he had assumed office on a promise to make changes, he also committed the community to listen and respond.

“Over the past few days, I have met and heard many people with you, and while most have welcomed the reforms I have implemented, some have shared their concerns,” Gascon wrote. “To be responsive to your input, I have decided to make some adjustments.”

As a result, according to Gascon, an increase can still be achieved in cases involving hate crimes or victims or children.

Gascon’s other directives included abolishing cash bail for low-level offenses and demanding the death penalty to prosecutors.

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He also insisted against allegations that his office is soft on crime in response to local reporting that his changes could reduce punishment for accused murderers.

In one of those cases, Gascon’s office has reportedly sought to dismiss the gun increase and specifically accused a Los Angeles man of shooting him in the back of the head and tearing apart a 31-year-old skateboarder. The circumstances have dismissed the claims. According to Fox LA.

“[That man] Can’t find a pass, “Gescon wrote in his letter. He is 31 years old and faces a minimum of 72 years to life in prison.”

Fox News’ Peter Aitken contributed to this report.

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