Los Angeles COVID-19 update: no coronovirus rise after Labor Day in LA County, officials say

LOS ANGELES (KABC) – In contrast to the spike in COVID-19 positive cases in Los Angeles County, after the July holiday, public health officials say the region has not seen an upsurge in cases since Labor Day.LA County Public Health Director Drs. Barbara Ferrer said Monday during a coronovirus briefing that people took action to ensure that we would not see that boom.

But there are concerns as to what lies ahead in relation to the flu season with COVID-19 and it may demand space on health care providers.”It’s fall and winter, though, we’ll probably see both the flu and COVID-19 at the same time,” Ferrer said.

Govin Newsom also urged California residents to take a flu shot on Monday and get a shot live during his press conference, saying the vaccine was safe and simple.

Meanwhile, LA County is trying to get out of the state’s most restrictive purple tier. County officials say the threshold for the Red Tier may be difficult to meet due to the daily COVID-19 case rate.

Ferrer said the county would rely on lessons learned from previous decisions on restructuring, as well as a level of confidence in the ability of affected businesses to comply with the restrictions when they allow operations to begin.

“We are a very large county, but we have really good information from the data that allows us to really look at both what happened in the past, what kind of decisions we were making and then about that What tells us how to move forward in the future, ”Ferrer said on Monday.

As long as the overall level of the virus is very low, school officials say public schools in LA cannot open in individual classrooms.

However, the Students First Coalition of Los Angeles has sent a letter to the LA County Board of Supervisors urging them to consider a balanced, safe approach to return to class early.

“We are not going to cram a child into the classroom,” said Paul Escala, Archdiocese Superintendent of Schools Los Angeles. “We want a safe approach. We believe that our current health conditions and all the preparations we make and all the equipment we buy can make the classroom safe for children and we are especially young at the earliest Can only return. “

Observers will talk on Tuesday about allowing school districts to apply for an exemption to instruct some people.

The board will also talk about the possibility of reopening additional businesses, like a nail salon. Nail salons are allowed to reopen in the state, but the decision to reopen those is left up to individual counties.

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