Los Angeles County Records 20,000 Covid-19 Related Deaths; Local officials “upset” with errors in the vaccination system, line cutters

Los Angeles health officials confirmed that the county had recorded 20,057 Covid-related deaths on Tuesday. There were 157 new deaths and 2,091 new confirmed Covid-19-related cases. In total, officials have identified 1,183,378 positive cases of Covid-19 in Los Angeles.

“As we commemorate this heartbreaking day and note with sadness the loss of more than 20,000 county residents, we mourn with all of you who have lost a loved one to COVID-19. We deeply regret her loss and wish her healing and peace, ”said Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County Director of Public Health.

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The region marked the dark milestone just one day after the country recorded 500,000 virus-related deaths.

While new COVID cases and test positivity rates are declining in Los Angeles, the county remains at the most restrictive purple tier in the state’s Plan for a Safer Economy. To move to the red level for additional reopening opportunities, Los Angeles County’s daily case rate must be equal to or less than 7 new cases per 100.00 people and the county’s test positivity rate must be 8% or less. Today the State published updated numbers; Los Angeles County’s adjusted case rate is 12.3 new cases per 100,000 people, and the test positivity rate is 5.1%. That means the county could go red next week.

Meanwhile, a “disgruntled” Los Angeles County supervisor, Hilda Solís, lashed out Tuesday at people who have been messing with the COVID-19 vaccination appointment system to “jump the line” and get vaccinated at clinics. specifically established for underserved minority and low-income residents who have had trouble getting vaccinated.

“I am not surprised. I am disgusted,” Solís said during a Board of Supervisors discussion about the Covid vaccination effort. the public that they are not being responsible. “

Solís and other supervisors expressed outrage at people who have managed to obtain access codes established for vaccination clinics that were set up to target low-income and ethnic communities. The problem was highlighted over the weekend at the Ramona Gardens public housing complex in Boyle Heights, where Governor Gavin Newsom was available for a clinic designed to serve residents of that community.

When the clinic began operating, with a large number of elected officials present, it was clear that some people in line to get vaccinated had driven there from the more affluent parts of Southland.

“People don’t usually come in and visit from outside communities like Beverly Hills or Westside or other parts of the county,” Solís said. “But this time I saw people that I know do not live or reside there. This particular module was created for 250 people, especially to serve the needs of people over 65 years of age. Most of the people who live in that complex (there are more than 600), the majority live in poverty. Turns out they are Latino, some Asian, some African American. I can tell you from the beginning that I was very alarmed to hear that people had gained access from the code, the code that was just given, I think a day or even hours before the actual module was configured, and somehow they were able enter the line in front of the people for whom it was intended. “

California Governor Gavin Newsom said later Tuesday that he was aware of abuses in the new appointments system administered by Blue Shield. “A lot of people are already working with third parties,” he said. “There is going to be rough water, a little headwind. We hope to eliminate the errors. “

“We are going to move from group codes to individual codes. And we are working with the counties on that. We don’t like to see these abuses. We have been highlighting those abuses. They have not highlighted us, ”said the governor.

“We were in Ramona Gardens, we highlighted that, with several legislators just a few days ago. It was pretty clear, on that public housing site, that not everyone was from that community. And we later found out that a community organization had shared that code, and it was a group code and you started seeing people who came from outside of that community. So we are working on those things. And we are correcting them. “

City News Service contributed to this report.

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