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Look: LaVar and LiAngelo Ball explain the incident of theft in China, the decision to leave UCLA

LaVar and LiAngelo Ball toured the media circuit on Tuesday, just hours after the freshman withdrew from UCLA .

The two went to CNN and the Today program to address various issues stemming from the robbery in China that resulted in the final suspension of the first-year student and finally leaving school to explore opportunities professionally abroad.

First, Li Angelo's side of the story about store theft in China and how he was treated while in prison, through the Today show .

We all went out one night, went to the shopping centers, went to the Louis Vuitton store and, people started taking things, and then, you know, I just did not think and was with them, I also took something.

And we left thinking that we would leave, you know how the children think. I did not realize until I got to my hotel, I said, "That was stupid." But by then it was too late. And then, indeed, the next morning, the police came and caught us.

Oh, it was horrible. They take off your clothes, you put on what they have for you, a little monkey or whatever, they take off the ribbons and you sit in a cement cell for as long as it is. It's just you and all the officers, and they do not speak English. "

Theft in stores in China could have been the beginning of the end of LiAngelo's university career After the incident, he finally returned to the United States where he faced to an indefinite suspension dictated by Bruins coach Steve Alford, and he never registered a minute at Westwood, which is a big reason why he finally decided to go along with his father.

"We have the NCAA braking, where they are waiting 2 or 3 months to see if he can play or not, "said Father LaVar at CNN ." That's one of the main reasons why he went to UCLA to play basketball. That is his passion. For them to prolong this and go on and on, it's ridiculous for me. "

LaVar also said that He believes that his punishment in the US has been tougher, until now, than anything his son faces in China.

"In China, they dropped the charges," LaVar said. "I think the children learned the lesson . And now, it's a harder treatment here. "

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