LOOK: JJ Watt and brothers TJ and Derek install an outdoor ice bath, share photos of the freezing experience

JJ Watt Twitter Screenshot Ice Bath
Screenshot from Twitter / @JJWatt

JJ Watt will not be joining his brothers TJ Watt and Derek Watt on the Pittsburgh Steelers, as he announced this week that he will instead bring his talents to the Arizona Cardinals, but the three of them teamed up for, well, you just have to see it. The trio of NFL stars sculpted in a frozen body of water for a rather unique recovery experience.

Along with former Houston Texans linebacker Brian Peters, the Watt brothers did their own version of an ice bath. Just a little cooler, a little more scenic, and a little more difficult to set up.

JJ wrote that they originally planned to use a chainsaw to create their make-up bath, but when the chainsaw didn’t work, they had to improvise and cut the ice themselves.

Take a look at the photos that will make you feel frozen second hand:

The way the photos are arranged makes it look like they dug through ice and into a sauna, although I think the sauna must have been right next to the frozen tundra.

Imagine jumping up and then realizing you forgot a towel …

I would need to recover from his recovery.

NFL fans were quick to react to the photos, and of course they made some jokes too. Here are some of the best answers:

The Watt brothers are all successful NFL players and I’m fine, just the opposite of that, but I still wonder, is it worth any benefit it brings?

Your I have appreciate NFL fans who are still trying to offer their city to players even after they signed with another team.

I thought Arizona was a dry heat?

For the people of Wisconsin, that’s lovely spring weather.

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