‘Look at yourself, for Christ’s sake’: Biden warns family about business dealings

The relatives’ money-making ventures, most prominently the foreign behavior of their son Hunter, have long been Biden’s. But it is now taking on a new dimension that he is in the White House.

In just one week on his presidency, Biden has already had to answer for matters related to his family. a Law firm promoting Frank Biden’s relationship When the President ran on Inauguration Day, there was a stir. A federal investigation into Biden’s son, Hunter, has invited an investigation into just how A strict firewall would put that between the White House and the Department of Justice. And Another of The President’s brother, James, Has previously come under fire for his business dealings.

Florida super attorney and Democratic donor John Morgan said that business sensitivity was increasing through Bijanworld this week following reports about Frank Biden’s law firm.

“Frank told me that ‘my brother loves me very much, but if I lobbied him, he would cut my legs from under me,'” Morgan said Frank Biden told her this week.

The Joe Biden’s initial intentions According to a person with knowledge of the conversation, Frank was elected his elder brother, “Joy,” to the most powerful position in the world.

“Frank made it clear to me what the president made clear for him: the day he got elected, long knives for all things came out, Biden,” Morgan said. “They all have a goal.”

One person interested in working with Frank Biden was Morgan himself, a fellow Floridian who is close to the young Biden.

“Great man,” Morgan said of Frank Biden. “I took my jet to the opening.”

Morgan said he started talking with Frank Biden about business opportunities last year, but nothing had come together yet. “We’re talking about doing some things inside the law firm,” Morgan said referring to his firm Morgan & Morgan.

Morgan said any partnership would have “100 percent legal focus” and would have no lobbying.

There is no evidence of any wrongdoing involving their discussions or violations of moral rules. Frank Biden is a private citizen. Morgan does not advocate the federal government.

Frank Biden is not a lawyer but works as a senior consultant at Burman Law Group, another Florida-based law firm. Morgan is a prominent Democratic donor who gave $ 355,000 to the Biden Victory Fund in August, according to campaign finance records.

Frank Biden’s business partner, Joe Abruzzo, was also involved in initial discussions with Morgan and Frank Biden about the potential business, but dropped out after he was elected Palm Beach County Clerk of Circuit Court and comptroller.

“As a businessman, for years, Frank has been influenced by offers and opportunities,” said Abruzzo, one of Frank’s closest friends. “He focuses on what he is passionate about: education and social justice.”

He added, “John and Frank are good friends and it is not surprising to those who know them that they have engaged in conversation.”

“It is very unlikely that there will be any trading arrangement between Frank Biden and John Morgan,” a source privy to the conversation said Thursday.

The renewed discussion about Biden’s family business relationship comes after a campaign in which former President Donald Trump relentlessly pursued Hunter Biden for his past dealings in China and Ukraine. When asked about his family’s business connections on the campaign trail in 2019, Biden, then a Democratic front-runner, swore off He would build a “full wall” between the White House and his relatives. He also vowed that if elected, no one in his family would serve in foreign circles. In December, Hunter Biden accepted a current federal investigation into his taxes.

While there was nothing, word of discussion between Morgan and Frank Biden sprung up around Biden’s class after winning the presidential election. In Bidenworld, a man took a call from Biden’s superiors, Florida lobbyists and Washington insiders who had a full air of conversation. Most people said that Frank Biden was busy negotiating about new business opportunities, which fueled his professional behavior during his brother’s presidential campaign.

Frank Biden has long pursued business ventures in Florida with charter schools, and has told others that he has no intention of doing any new work in Washington, D.C. He remains with the Burman Law Group and the Chinese Firms that work against companies include the burning of sugarcane as part of their business practice.

Frank’s work in the case made headlines this week when CNBC reported that the law firm was postponing his relationship with his brother, the new president, in an advertisement.

“My brother is a model for going about doing this job,” Frank Biden says in an ad running in the Daily Business Review, as reported by CNBC. “One of their central tenets is that the intentions of another man or woman should not be questioned or blamed. In this way, you avoid creating an inequality that prevents any kind of coming together. You can certainly question someone’s decision, and that’s what we’re doing by bringing it to court. “

When asked about the advertisement on Thursday, a White House official said, “It is the policy of the White House to use the president’s name in connection with any business activities, or in any way that is deemed appropriate.” Should not be used to support him. ” Or support

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