Longhorns not participating in Texas band game between Bayers vs. Texas game amid controversy within program


The Texas Longhorns will not be supported by a band on Saturday. according to this The Daily Texan, The Longhorn band, is not participating in an upcoming game against Boiler because many members do not want to play “The Eyes of Texas”. So many members of the school band refused to play the song, in fact, they now lacked the “necessary instrumentation”.

Longhorn band director Scott Hanna said, “Based on (survey responses), we don’t have the necessary equipment, so we won’t be participating in Saturday’s game.” The Daily Texan.

Several members of the band confirmed that the survey asked if they were ready to play “Eyes of Texas”. However, the survey results will not affect the Longhorn band playing in future games. Douglas Dempster, dean of the College of Fine Arts, previously stated that the Longhorn band were going to play “The Eyes of Texas” despite band members saying they would not play the song because of its racist history.

In summer, students – Including longhorn players – were campaigning for the University of Texas to stop playing “The Eyes of Texas” as the school’s alma mater. The song’s earliest verse was Confederate General Robert E. Was inspired by Lee.

The band is reportedly “equally divided in opinion” when it comes to “the eyes of Texas”. However without the band members playing some special instruments, the song cannot be performed.

“It takes time and sustained effort to move toward resolution,” Hanna said. “The conversation that has started is an important step towards that goal.”

Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger made headlines on October 10 when he was one of the few Longhorns to sing “The Eyes of Texas” after his game against Oklahoma. In addition, there was a petition of over 2,000 signatures supporting Ehlinger and Longhorn to sing the disputed song.

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