Long arrests of Lancaster protesters; ‘About Time’ Rioters Pay: Lawrence Jones

It is “about time” rioters, who are wreaking havoc in cities across the country, as the results begin to suffer, Fox Nation host Lawrence Jones told “Fox and Friends” on Wednesday.

Jones, who has been “on the ground” covering “unrest from the angle of police and community” in cities across the country, commented that a Pennsylvania judge reacted to $ 1 million dollars bail to several protesters Accused of giving – The New York Post rioted in the wake of the police firing of a man who attacked a knife.

Lancaster police arrested a dozen people and a juvenile for the Monday night riots in a clash that allegedly caused police to deploy tear gas.

The violence came to light after the death of 27-year-old mental patient Ricardo Munoz, who was seen holding a knife in the hand of an officer in body cam footage, the Post reported that Munoz was shot and killed by the officer. Sunday in the city of Lancaster.

According to reports, three Pittsburgh Black Lives Matter protesters are now facing charges after police found them in a viral video of them cursing a white dinner at a restaurant and in one case drinking a dinner beer Identified as individuals.

Pittsburgh police reported that Pittsburgh police on Monday filed charges against Sean Green, Kenneth McDowell, and Monique Craft in connection with an incident that occurred two weeks earlier on Labor Day during a protest march in downtown downtown.

WPXI-TV reported that a criminal complaint stated that McDowell heard indecent screams at dinner.

The complaint states that Green swore the White Couple and gave them the middle finger, the station reported.

The video of the incident has been viewed millions of times on Facebook and Twitter.

Host Brian Kilmade noted that the protesters “are being seen as a problem because they have become rioters” and added that now these rioters may realize that “your terrible actions are going to have consequences.”

“I think the general public is tired of this for a long time,” Jones replied.

LANCASTER results in 8 ARRESTS largest annual shootings, 4 from largest counties

“We’re talking about average day people. We are talking about black people, white people, Hispanic people, anyone in this community who has seen their community scorched. ”

The death of George Floyd, a black man in Minneapolis police custody, sparked protests in May, which often turn violent at night, in cities across the country.

Jones noted on Wednesday that “there is a difference between people who want peaceful change and change the system.”

Jones then violently protested the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man, in the custody of Baltimore police in 2015.

“I remember when there was a Freddy Gray situation in Baltimore and you had a boy who was a little kid with burning goods outside,” Jones recalled, noting that when his mother saw him, “Oh no.” As it was.

Jones was referring to the mother who was caught smoking her 16-year-old son after throwing objects at police.

Toya Graham received widespread acclaim from social media and even the Baltimore Police Commissioner, who said that more parents should have taken responsibility for their children after the riots began.

“She was working on it,” Jones said Wednesday. “This is the community I recognize.”

He then referred to the current rioters as professional “anarchists”, noting that “more and more we know why they are starting to break up.”

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“I think as more and more we get to know, we’re starting to know that this is an agenda,” Jones said.

Fox News’ Robert Giarty and The Associated Press contributed to this report.