London has the largest gender wage gap in the United Kingdom after 20 years of stagnation



Women working in London are paid at a lower rate than their male counterparts across the United Kingdom

The gender pay gap in London is almost now as large as in 1997, which means that capital The United Kingdom went from having the narrowest division to the largest in 20 years, while other regions of the United Kingdom registered greater improvements, according to a report by the Office of National Statistics published on Monday.

Full-time workers in London earn 14.6 percent less per hour than their male counterparts, compared with 15.1 percent in 1997, the ONS said. Inequality is lower in Northern Ireland, where women are paid a little more than men, Wales and Scotland.

The figures come months after the revelation of wage disparities between male and female talent at the British Broadcasting Corp. provoked violent reactions. Open letter from at least 40 women asking for action. Starting next year, companies with more than 250 employees in the United Kingdom should report how much they are paying in salaries and bonuses to their male and female staff.

In the public sector, the wage gap has stagnated in the country as a whole, with women gaining 13.1 percent less per hour, from 13.5 percent in 1997. While the chasm is bigger in private industry , at 15.9 percent, the sector has seen a dramatic improvement from 23.8 percent two decades ago.

Among part-time workers, the image is very different, and women earn more in all regions of the United Kingdom. While in most cases this marks a setback since 1997, in the southeast, men who work part-time have experienced faster wage growth in the last two decades.

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