Lodah Ingram shares ‘hard truth’ with Biden: insulting Trump supporters ‘will only incite more violence’

As tensions between left and right escalated following Saturday’s attacks on Trump supporters in Washington, Fox News host Laura Ingraham warned Joe Biden that ignoring the concerns of all Americans would only make the country more polarized.

On “In-Tram Angle” he said, “The pro-Trump thrones did not show up in DC on Saturday due to conservative media.” “They show knowing they can be physically attacked for doing so because they love America. And lying about them, insulting them, ignoring them only leads to more violence and more resentment and Will provoke opposition. “

Americans are increasingly concerned with moving to a Biden presidency, particularly about the effects of increased coronovirus restrictions on businesses as cases and hospitalizations increase and presidential-election toys with the idea of ​​a nationwide lockout.

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But Ingram said the president-elect and his handlers are “not listening to these concerns”, jeopardizing both national integration and any economic reform – especially when their campaign plan for a capitalist “reset” would be to keep Americans from their Will take away freedom and their money.

“Biden likes to talk about dignity and unity and respect,” she said. “But the time for talking is over and the time for action is here. Because if Biden really wanted to unify the country, he would not entertain the idea of ​​destroying our current economic recovery with another devastating lockdown. “

If Biden wanted to unify the country, Ingram said, he would also address the concerns of millions of Americans about electoral integrity and condemn the violent actions of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters.

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“He has done nothing of these,” she said. “He still hopes that this movement is just going away, but it is not going to happen.”

“All Americans deserve to be heard, seen, and safe,” Ingram concluded. “This is the least a government can do for its citizens.”

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