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Lockdown got up at Wando High School with & # 39; person of interest & # 39; after the call & # 39; suspicious person & # 39; | News


A blockade has been lifted at Wando High School after the Mount Pleasant police arrested a "person of interest in Charleston" according to a tweet from the department's official account. They added that they will get more information as soon as possible.


Wando High School was in a lockdown while the police searched for a "suspicious person" in the campus, said the police. All schools in the surrounding area also had officers on the scene.


  Wando Blockade

The Mount Pleasant Police is located outside of Wando High School in response to a "suspicious person" reported on campus. (Michael Majchrowicz / Staff)

Police say that students and faculty are protected in their place. No student was injured and rumors of shooting are false, according to the department's official Twitter account.

"Officers are staging around all the schools around Wando," said Chip Googe, a spokesman for police. He added that parents do not need to come to any of the schools.

Police were called to the school at 12:53 p.m., according to a dispatch supervisor from the Consolidated Center 911 of Charleston County.

"It's very quiet," said Milena Urroz, a senior, who had been locked up on the main campus for about an hour. "And there are rumors that the police walk in the corridors."

He added that no one was told anything during the confinement. "There are some people who are afraid, but for the most part we do not really know what is happening, except for the rumors that the children are counting each other," he sent a text message.

The Children's Center at Carolina Park, located near the Wando Advanced Study Center, was also in lockdown. Principal Chris Marino said the only people they would let in are the parents who come to pick up the students.

"Every time Wando shuts himself up, we also do it until we learn that everything is safe," Marino said.

A receptionist at the Oceanside Collegiate Academy said her school was also locked up.

Andy, spokesman for Charleston County Schools Pruitt could not confirm any details of what happened. He said he would check with the police department for updates.

The Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital, located on Highway 17 near the entrance to Carolina Park, remained open after 2:05 p.m Thursday

"The Mount Pleasant Police Department has been in contact with us, we have our security in parking monitoring, but the hospital is open at this time," said media relations manager Meredith Huggins.

This story is developing. Keep looking for updates.

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