Location to expand COVID-19 vaccine at Montgomery Company but supplies are still limited

The number of locations ready to deliver COVID-19 vaccines within Montgomery County, Maryland, is increasing, and while some spots may have different rules about who can take a shot, they are limited and uncertain of all doses Share the common challenge of supply.

The number of locations ready to deliver COVID-19 vaccines within Montgomery County, Maryland, is increasing, and while some spots may have different rules about who can take a shot, they are limited and uncertain of all doses Share the common challenge of supply.

Is anyone able to get a vaccine that starts at the age of 65 or 75, depending on who is giving the shots.

People 75 and older are now able to begin registering for vaccine appointments from Montgomery County Health Department clinics, and the county is beginning to send links to make appointments to seniors who are pre-accredited .

But people 65 and older may be able to sign up for appointments at other clinics in the county that become possible through the involvement of the State Health Department.

In Montgomery County, four giant pharmacies are now allowing people to sign up for COVID-19 vaccines. There are other large locations across the state offering vaccine appointments. In addition, locations in Safeway, Reit Aid and CVS may open soon.

However, those arrangements made through the Maryland Department of Health use different criteria and a different sign-up system as of Monday’s briefing, with county health officials Dr. Travis Gals and County Council President Tom Hucker were involved.

For example, even though the Montgomery County Health Department has not begun providing registrations for residents age 65–74, Giant said its vaccination appointments shot for anyone age 65 and older. Are open.

However, just like in the county’s clinics, there appears to be a high demand for vaccines through giant pharmacies.

On the Giant Pharmacy COVID-19 vaccine page, a link to the scheduling portal takes visitors to a landing page. After 2pm on Monday afternoon, the digital line had more than 13,000 people waiting, and the time to reach the actual scheduling page was running several hours. Then, by 7:20 pm, a message on the site stated that it was down for maintenance.

You can see a complete list of giant locations offering vaccine appointments on the Maryland State Coronavirus website. Some Walmart stores in Maryland are also offering vaccine appointments, though Montgomery County does not yet have one, according to the state list.

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Among the county’s hospitals currently offering vaccine appointments, the Holy Cross Hospital COVID-19 immunization page indicates that clinics include a limited number of appointment slots for community members in Groups 1A and 1B, including Includes health care workers and 75 and older people. Vaccine appointments in Phase 1C – those 65 and older – will come in the future “based on the availability of vaccines and the progress of vaccination of high priority groups.”

The Adventist Healthcare website says the hospital is limiting appointments for health care workers and people 75 and older, and even those appointments are full by Monday evening. People can sign up to be cautious when an appointment is available.

Giles said the county is exploring ongoing partnerships for vaccine delivery in addition to those already working.

But he described the quantity of COVID-19 vaccines as inadequate and unexpectedly available. For example, Gayle said he only learns Saturday at 7:30 a.m. The county is expected to receive a dose on Tuesday.

Both Gayle and Hacker expressed disappointment with poor communication and lack of information from the Maryland Department of Health and declined the allocation of the vaccine from the state to small vs. large counties.

“Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Montgomery County and Prince George all have 1.7 and 2.6 doses per 100 population,” Hucker said. Kent County is receiving 8.2 doses per dose and Somerset County 7.4 as per Hacker.

“It makes no sense. Obviously, it is uneven, ”he said.

Shortly after the briefing, tweets were exchanged between Montgomery County Executive Mark Ellrick and Maryland Gov. spokesman Larry Hogan, reflecting efforts to improve communication and cooperation between the county and the state.

The Governor had a positive and productive discussion this afternoon with Montgomery County Executive Mark Elrich. They agreed on ways to coordinate more closely on vaccine delivery, “Mike Ricksey, Hogan’s spokesman, Said in a tweet.

Allerich Replied: “Thank you, Mike. There was a really positive conversation on how to coordinate more effectively… We both want people to be vaccinated and in sync to how we get there. There is a need for an increase in bus supply that none of us can control – but when it comes we are ready to do more. “

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