Local COVID-19 patients struggle to overcome the virus

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – The local health care system and the Brown County Health Department continue their series of briefings called “The Faces of COVID” today.

As we reported last week, they are designed to highlight the stories of people directly affected by the epidemic.

This week, patients recovering from COVID-19 shared their personal stories.

Last spring, early in the epidemic, local business owner Steve Mayer contracted Kovid-19.

“My initial experience with COVID was a bit disturbing, it felt like the flu, a sore throat, a dry cough, a fever, fatigue, everything that we have, it did, so I thought I knew What to do, the rest and the fluid is correct, after a few days the fever broke and I declared myself healthy, “recalls Mayer.

Until a few days later when the virus roared back.

“I got sick like I had never been sick before, chronic night sweats, complete loss of all taste and smell, which was very hard to eat and most incredible fatigue,” says Meyer.

There was not much concern, at least initially, for 32-year-old personal trainer Dan Unright, who came with the Kovid-19.

“At the time, I convinced myself that I was going to have a mild case of Kovid because I was young and healthy and had no underlying condition, so I came into my room and because of my belief I had my initial chest pain. Was ignored. ” I started saying and it went bad.

So bad, admitted to the ICU and stayed in the hospital for ten days.

This is where music teacher Audrey Novak was first this fall.

Today she remembers the pangs of fear and isolation.

“If you get into a car accident and people say that your life shines in front of your eyes, then everyone understands and it’s just for a second, but if you’re in the ICU, you’re all in Separated, alone, from. Family and friends, says Novak, your life flashes before your eyes after minutes, hour after hour, day after day and there is no end.

And for those who have passed COVD-19, a plea for the community to follow the CDC guidelines.

“People refuse to conquer fear when I am watching social media posts, it bothers my soul, wearing masks in public and avoiding crowds, keeping distance, no one is scared about it , It does human compassion right now, “Mayer.

Novak says, “Please take it seriously, and maybe we can get these numbers under control before Christmas, and it won’t be a gift for everyone.”

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