LMPD: 18-year-old woman commits suicide as officers try to serve arrest warrants

Authorities said an 18-year-old woman died of suicide gunfire during a residence in Louisville, Ky., As authorities were trying for an arrest warrant for the attack on Friday, officials said.

The Louisville Metro Police Department said its officers and the U.S. Marshals Service attempted to serve the warrant before 3 p.m.

The department said, “As they knocked and announced their presence, the same gunshot was heard from inside the residence.”

No officer or marshal discharged his weapons. Police said the woman was found dead with a single suicide gunshot inside the house.

There were people inside the house, but it was not clear how many.

The department initially stated that the warrant was for a suicide, but rectified a news conference after the incident. The assault warrant was related to a shooting in August involving a Lyft driver in August, a police spokesman said during a Friday evening news conference.

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The identity of the woman was not released. Despite police statements, some people on social media claimed that a black woman was shot by police, which has been denied by the authorities.

The police spokesman said, “Unfortunately sometimes wrong information also comes out and we are still here today.”

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