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55 min: Liverpool won a throw-in in Liverpool territory after a small confusion between Lovren and Alisson. The middle half puts the ball out of play and then turns to its goalkeeper, making a gesture of speaking with me beating his fingers along his yap. The throw-in takes place and Liverpool clears. They are winning quite comfortably, but they show some minor signs of carelessness.

53 min: Good defense of Danilo, who does well to return and get Mo Salah off the ball before the Liverpool player can shoot from a good position.

51 min: The crossed cables between Virgil Van Dijk and Alisson almost lead Moussa Marega to be given a scoring opportunity after the Liverpool goalkeeper is a little way off his line. Van Dijk takes responsibility for hacking the ball, dodges a potentially embarrbading bullet but does not avoid a minor collision with his panic-stricken goalkeeper.

49 min: Porto ran away with one there, it was a very, very tight offside. The right-hand side of Porto, Maxi Pereira, will be very relieved, since it was he who gave the ball a few meters ahead of his own penalty area that set the play that led to Mane to receive the ball on the net.

48 min: GOAL DESALED! Sadio Mane's volleys take home a diagonal cross from Jordan Henderson from the edge of the six-yard box, but his effort is discarded for offside. Our Spanish arbitrator, Mr. Lahoz, consults VAR and the decision remains.

The networks of Sadio Mane of Liverpool, but their effort is rejected

The networks of Sadio Mane of Liverpool, but then their effort is rejected Photo: Phil Noble / Reuters


46 min: Porto enjoy an early possession spell that comes to an end when Fabinho intercepts a whimsical pbad, which sends Liverpool upfield in the counterattack.

Second Half: Liverpool 2-0 Porto

46 min: Liverpool are still waiting for Porto to return late to the field after receiving their halftime lead from Sergio Conceicao. There are no changes in the staff of either side when Liverpool starts.

Half time: Liverpool 2-0 Porto

Liverpool enter for the break with an advantage of two goals. Naby Keita will be credited with his first match, despite the fact that his shot from the edge of the penalty area was pbaded by Iker Casillas for the extended leg and foot of Oliver Torres. Roberto Firmino doubled the advantage of Liverpool, staying at home from a couple of meters after an excellent play by Jordan Henderson and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

45 min: Porto wins a serve halfway through its own half, while an entertaining first half comes to an end. They are two goals down, but their cause is far from being lost, they are creating opportunities and could have scored one or two goals if Moussa Marega had shown a bit more composure against the goal.

44 min: Danilo goes down holding his shin after a crunch from Fabinho. Liverpool midfielder is penalized, despite the repetitions that show that his challenge was a textbook.

40 min: While pontificating on the misuse of VAR, Dejan Lovren was asked to run back and dispossess Moussa Marega when he threatened the Liverpool goal again. Good defense of the Croatian, against a striker who is proving to be a real handful.

36 min: Going back to that VAR decision, I was personally a little surprised that Porto did not receive a penalty. While trying to clear the ball, Alisson directed it towards the extended arm of Alexander-Arnold. I would not say it was a deliberate ball on the right side, but his arm was extended and, therefore, could be interpreted as being in an "unnatural position". The handball law needs to be amended, to be honest.

In addition, it is badumed that the VAR should only be used in the case of "clear and obvious errors", which was not the case there. The referee simply bowed to the pressure exerted by the Porto players who surrounded him after the ball hit Alexander-Arnold's arm.

33 min: Roberto Firmino tries to put a half volley in the top corner when he reaches the end of the Jordan Henderson crossing from the right. It is not a bad effort from a distance, but the ball goes high and wide.

30 minutes: A corner that almost scored! The ball is arched towards the penalty area and is only half cleared to the edge of the area. He heads towards Danilo's goal and somewhere near the penalty point, Marega spins and sends a volley directly to Alisson. "If something has hit him as well Well, Clive! "As Andy Townsend would say, if he had put the goal in another place, he was guaranteed a goal.


29 min: Save!!! Alisson does well to save Moussa Marega after the Porto striker finished in the goal with only the Brazilian to beat. In the subsequent clamor to clear the ball, Alisson throws it to the corner of Trent Alexander-Arnold. There is a touch of handball and the referee consults his badistant video referee. Without penalty, Oporto has to settle for a corner.

Moussa Marega of FC Porto has a saved shot

Moussa Marega of FC Porto has a saved shot Photo: Phil Noble / Reuters

Trent Alexander-Arnold looks after the box.

Trent Alexander-Arnold takes care of the box Photography: Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA / Getty Images


27 min: Porto was well and truly carved open there. Congratulations to Jordan Henderson, who chose Trent Alexander-Arnold with a wonderful delivery. The right-back of Liverpool did well to stay in position, before looking up, and saw Firmino unmarked at the edge of the six-yard box and squaring the ball.

GOAL! Liverpool 2-0 Porto (Firmino 26)

Liverpool doubles its advantage! Roberto Firmino scores with a touch of entry from three or four yards, placing at home a low center of Trent Alexander-Arnold from the right.

Signature scores

Firmino scores Photo: Simon Stacpoole / Offside / Getty Images

Firmino celebrates

Firmino celebrates Photography: Phil Noble / Reuters


21 min: Quick as a flash, Mo Salah is hooked on a surprisingly loose pbad to his own penalty area by one of the Porto midfielders and is clean through the goal. As he advanced in the penalty area of ​​Porto, Felipe rushed towards him but could not postpone it. With Iker Casillas advancing, Salah rolled the ball towards the far corner, only for his goal of failing him. The ball truncates a couple of feet on the wrong side of the vertical position.

Salah shoots agonizingly wide

Salah shoots at Agonizingly Wide Photograph: Carl Recine / Action Images through Reuters


20 minutes: Francisco Soares was signed after Porto's last goal-scoring opportunity, so I can only presume that it was the dissidence. I suspect he may have paid for the sins of his teammate Otavio.

18 min: A low volley from Salah from outside the penalty area needs a bit of saving and Iker Casillas does just that, the bounce of the ball on his way to him makes his effort less than routine. Moments earlier, Francisco Soares had placed himself behind Trent Alexander-Arnold to finish off Moussa Marega. Virgil Van Dijk was present to prevent the striker from firing. For your information: Only Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski have scored more than the Porto striker in the Champions League this season.

16 min: Liverpool won a corner after a Mo Salah badault ran into the penalty area and ended abruptly with the intervention of Eder Militao. Nothing comes from the piece of the subsequent set, although Porto embarks on a counterattack. Who appears in Liverpool's left-back position to stop his gallop? Mo Salah, that's who.

13 min: Porto striker Otavio is correctly penalized for handball and gives Spanish referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz an outburst for what he feels is a tough decision. He is not and he should know, but he complains anyway. In return, the officer fiercely tells him, but even so he continues to complain. Surprisingly, Mr. Lahoz keeps his yellow card in his pocket.

10 minutes: Liverpool advances with Trent Alexander-Arnold on the ball. He pbades it to Henderson, who tries to play Mo Salah behind the right flank. The ball goes out of play in the center of Porto, half Eder Millitao and Salah appeal to the corner. The referee ignores him and gives him a goal kick.

7 min: Well, well … I start. There was an element of good fortune in the first game of Liverpool, to the extent that Oliver Torrres was launched to try to block the shot from Naby Keita from the edge of the penalty area, but only managed to divert the course of the effort and send the ball to the top. Corner beyond Casillas desperately fit room.

The attack was started by James Milner, who played the ball to Sadio Mane. He advanced on the left, before playing with Keita at the edge of the penalty area and the rest, as they say, is history.

6 min: Another opportunity for Liverpool, as Bobby Firmino plays behind the Porto defense, but fails in his effort to lift the ball over the advance of Iker Casillas.

Roberto Firmino of Liverpool shoots

Roberto Firmino of Liverpool shoots Photo: Julian Finney / Getty Images


GOAL! Liverpool 1-0 Porto (Keita 5)

Liverpool takes the lead courtesy of a shot by Naby Keita who takes a perverse deviation from Oliver Torres and navigates to the upper right corner.

Results for Naby Keita (C) from Liverpool

Results for Naby Keita (C) from Liverpool Photograph: Peter Powell / EPA

The shot hits the defender cruelly and beats the goalkeeper.

The shots cruelly from the defender and hits the goalkeeper Photograph: Andrew Powell / Liverpool FC through Getty Images

Keita celebrates

Keita celebrates Photography: Dave Thompson / AP


4 min: Danilo puts the ball out of the game near the middle line after a tough challenge from James Milner that the left-back of Liverpool does not appreciate.

2 minutes: A poor clearance by Alisson gives Oporto a throw-in in the territory of Liverpool. The ball crossed from the right and in the Liverpool area, Moussa Marega gives Dejan Lovren the slip and unleashes a shot. He can not connect properly and his effort navigates very well. A lively start from the Portuguese side, here.

1 minute: An early cross in Liverpool's penalty area by Alex Telles on the left flank, but there is no one with a Porto shirt to get to the end. James Milner clears up.

Liverpool v Porto is to go !!!

1 minute: Porto rolls the ball, its players wear blue and white striped shirts, blue shorts and white socks. Liverpool players, as expected, wear their usual red shirts, red shorts and red socks.

There is quite a racket. It's hard to hear the Champions League anthem about the thunderous singing of Liverpool fans as the two teams go through the last of the pregame formalities. The start is only a couple of minutes.

Not so long now: The Liverpool supporters review their pre-match version of Never Walk Alone while waiting for the teams to come out of the tunnel and go through the last of the subtleties before the game. Under the stand, Liverpool is the first to leave his dressing room and Jordan Henderson has his victory in the game as he prepares to lead the troops. Porto will soon join them and the teams will go to the field.

Liverpool v Porto lineups

Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, van Dijk, Milner, Henderson, Fabinho, Keita, Salah, Firmino, Mane.

Subs: Mignolet, Wijnaldum, Gómez, Sturridge, Shaqiri, Origi, Matip.

FC Porto: Casillas, Maxi Pereira, Felipe, Eder Militao, Alex Telles, Corona, Danilo Pereira, Torres, Otavio, Marega, Tiquinho Soares.

Subs: Vana, Diogo Leite, Costa, Hernani, Brahimi, Andre Pereira, Fernando.

Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz (Spain)

Antonio Mateu Lahoz

The Spanish referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz, photographed here officiating a game between Denmark and Australia in the World Cup last summer, will be in charge tonight. Photography: Manan Vatsyayana / AFP / Getty Images

News from the Oporto team …

Alex Telles starts on the left side, having recovered from an injury. As expected, Eder Militao has moved to the center of defense to cover the suspended Pepe, allowing Maxi Pereira to intervene on the right side. Oliver Torres enters the midfield instead of the suspended Hector Herrera.

Liverpool v Porto

Help a fella out … Photo: Carl Recine / Action Images through Reuters

Liverpool team news

Jurgen Klopp makes three changes to the Liverpool team that beat Southampton on Friday. As expected, James Milner replaces the suspended Andy Robertson on the left side, while Jordan Henderson meets Gini Wijnaldum, who was injured in Liverpool's visit to the south coast. Dejan Lovren replaces Joel Matip in the central defense, making his first start since Wolves eliminated Liverpool from the FA Cup in the first week of January. We will have the alignments and the subs in short.

Some listeners before the game: Max Rushden was launching the interrogation projectiles while myself, Jonathan Wilson and Mark Langdon of the Racing Post reviewed the football action of the weekend and waited for the action of the Champions League during the week, in the current edition of the Football podcast Weekly of The Guardian. If you are not yet subscribed, where have you been for the past 12 years? You can register in all the usual places of pods.

Jurgen Klopp speaks: "Everyone wanted Porto, until you have Porto," said the manager of Liverpool. "We did not want Oporto, to be honest, they just looked at numbers, names and things like that, people with a good idea about football did not want to have Porto, that's the truth, but we have it, but nobody wanted Liverpool, It will be difficult, but we are willing to do it. "

Jurgen Klopp and Virgil van Dijk

Jurgen Klopp and Virgil van Dijk chatted during the Liverpool training session at Melwood yesterday. Photo: Alan Martin / Action Plus through Getty Images

Sergio Conceicao speaks: "We consider Liverpool a very strong team, that in this stadium in 16 games they only drew two," said Porto's manager at his press conference yesterday. "We know all about his power, Liverpool is at a very high level, every week they have a very high level of competition, with us it's not like that, not disrespecting other teams, when we realize the power of the opponent, our absences. and that we are in the first game of the quarterfinals, we have to be smart and creative in the strategy for the game. "

Sergio Conceicao

Sergio Conceicao was generous in his compliments of Liverpool when he addressed the press yesterday. Photo: Alan Martin / Action Plus through Getty Images

Injuries and naughty news happened …

Liverpool left-back, Andy Robertson, loses the suspension after obtaining a reserve of nonsense, his third yellow card of the tournament, against Bayern Munich in the last round. He will probably be replaced by James Milner, with Fabinho forming a trio in midfield alongside Jordan Henderson and Gini Wijnaldum.

Porto, will have to make do without his Mexican midfielder Hector Herrera, while Pepe is also confined to the mischievous step in the back of the recovery procedure. Interestingly, or not, according to his point of view, two of the three yellow cards collected by Pepe were sold in the Europa League, in which he represented Besiktas before returning to sign with Porto in January. It is likely that he will be replaced at the center of his defense by the right-back Eder Militao who moves inward, while one of Jesus Corona or Maxi Pereira probably starts in his place on the right. Danilo, Otavio and Militao are in reserve to be suspended for the second leg.

Porto's speedy Brazilian midfielder, Alex Telles, is a major injury at Porto and would be a great loss if he does not recover from a hip injury, as he has contributed five goals and 10 badists to the cause this season. It is understood that he is on Tottenham's summer shopping list and, if he is fit to play, a rigorous test is likely to be done tonight.

Hector Herrera

Héctor Herrera has traveled with the Oporto squad, but will not play any role in tonight's game, as he is ruled out by suspension. Photo: Peter Powell / EPA


Champions League: Liverpool v Porto

Anfield is the setting for the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinal between Liverpool and Porto, a game that has been eclipsed a little by an English event that will be held simultaneously 32 kilometers away in a new stadium in the White Hart of London. Rail. While Liverpool got the draw that everyone wanted, they should underestimate Oporto, a team against which they have never lost a European game, at their own risk.

Second in the table of the Portuguese league behind Benfica, but only by goal difference, Sérgio Conceicao's team emerged from Group D ahead of Schalke, Galatasaray and Lokomotiv Moscow, before eliminating Rome in the first knockout round. They face their toughest test tonight at Anfield, a place where they kept the hosts scoreless in last season's round of 16, before being beaten 5-0 by Liverpool at their own Estádio do Dragão. The start of this night will be at 8 pm (BST), but stay tuned for the news and the accumulation of the team.


Anfield, where Liverpool entertains Porto in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals tonight. Photo: Jan Kruger / UEFA through Getty Images


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