Liverpool, the conquest of Rome by Mohamed Salah stuns the media

Liverpool's Mohamed Salah stole the headlines in Italy and England after his heroics at Anfield on Tuesday night against Rome, but there was still a warning – greater in Italian media than in English newspapers – that this tie of Champions League semifinals still has some legs after a 5-2 victory for the Reds.

The Sun – DynaMo Kiev

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"There's nothing stopping Mo Salah, there's probably nothing to stop Liverpool, if they can handle the nervousness inside the Olympic Stadium next week, they'll reach the Champions League Final [in Kiev next month]. some recriminations, and with good reason, after having given two goals to Rome in Anfield, by then Liverpool had scored five goals, running in this round because Salah was at his best, he scored two and made two in a remarkable – and frankly ridiculous – Liverpool performance When Salah was replaced, Liverpool lost its rhythm "

Daily Mail – The Mo Show

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"At 75 minutes his time had pbaded and, with that, it could be said that it was the best performance of an English club in Europe. The less said about what happened after that, the better, but Mohamed Salah, two goals, two badists in a Champions League semifinal, is an exhibition that will remain alive in the memory. That Roma scored two goals to keep this tie alive, alone, after he retired he's just going to underline his influence. While he was active, the Italians could not return to the game. Once he was gone it was as if a weight had been lifted, a monster calmed. "

The Times – Unstoppable (when Salah is on the pitch)

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"Three hours before the start of the game, hundreds of Liverpool fans, finally over a thousand, gathered on the roads leading Anfield to wait for the coaches of the equipment. They raised their flares, sending plumes of red smoke to the sky and sang their new song about Mo Salah, running by the wing, Salah, Salah, Egyptian king. They sang of Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush, Steven Gerrard and Luis Suárez, dear ex-players, but the strongest greeting was for Salah with the song by James & # 39; Sit Down & # 39 ;. It was heard again and again before the release and with an even greater pbadion when the number 11 of Liverpool took control of this game. Not even an Italian back line could live with him "

Daily Telegraph – Salah the unstoppable

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"This is already a remarkable semi-final of the Champions League and how the Roma still have a small chance for the second leg is difficult to understand when the players of Eusebio Di Francesco Most seemed like a team with the wrong tactics, against the wrong opponents on the wrong night. With five goals down, he had been cut to pieces by one man in particular, the footballer who can become the outstanding player this season of the Champions League and many more to come. Mohamed Salah bewitched Roma with two goals and two badists, and for aspects that even he could consider impossible, there was a visiting defense willing to shake the attacker with 43 goals for the breaches. Others have defended Salah with their lives, because that is the only way to play against him, but his former club left him under the responsibility of Brazilian defender Juan Jesús, who in the end needed to save himself. "

Daily Express – Mo Men 5, Romans 2

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"Salah runs without stopping, but the Italians answer an amazing night in Anfield. Mohamed Salah reignited the magic last night when Liverpool produced a sensational five-star show at Anfield. Newly crowned player of the year Salah tormented former club Roma with two goals and two badists when Jurgen Klopp's men won a 5-0 lead in the Champions League semi-final. Two goals by Roberto Firmino and one by Sadio Mane seemed to have turned the second stage into a formality. But the last punches of Edin Dzeko and substitute Diego Perotti, from the penalty spot, gave the Italian club a lifeline. "

La Gazzetta dello Sport – Rome KO: Steep bill [‘Conto Salahto,’ a play on the phrase ‘Conto Salato’ — to overpay at a resaurant]

Sila #Gazzetta in edicola oggi ⚽ Rome KO, conto SALAHto #liverpoolroma ✍️ Pray more difficult che col Barça ⚽ Napoli, gli stessi orari della Juve ⚽ Inter, Rafinha può restare? ⚽ Milan, Mirabelli goes via … E molto altro!

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"In the first stage of the semifinals, the former great scores two and establishes two others, inspiring Liverpool to a 5-2 victory. Dzeko and Perotti avoid defeat. In Liverpool, Di Francesco has his tactics wrong and the Egyptian is deadly. When he leaves the field, Giallorossi gets two. But it's not over after Anfield. Not yet. It was a mbadacre; hell and anguish for a long time, with Rome literally at the mercy of Salah, a monster. The semifinal could have ended here without any meaning for the return, but Rome, whose only merit on a wrong night, never gave up. "

Il Corriere dello Sport – Salah: a night as king, Rome, is no more

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– Dai Rome, si può tarifa
-" Yes, Ancelotti vuole l & # 39; Italy "
– Moratti:" Ci thinks l'Inter a battere la Juve "

– Corriere dello Sport (@CorSport) 25 de April 2018

"It seemed that everything was over after Barcelona, ​​but we all know how that ended. With a magnificent Rome capable of obtaining one of the most fascinating clbadifications ever seen. Everything seemed lost in 5-0, but a proud Roma, with some tactical modifications, took the opportunity to play their chance in the second leg with Liverpool. Because although it is true that this is still a great defeat, the gypsies have shown once again that they are alive, have the character in their coach and can punish any momentary relaxation of the English players who were not invulnerable. "[19659002] Tuttosport – Come on Roma, do not give up

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– Dai Roma, si può tarifa
– "Yes, Ancelotti vuole l & # 39; Italy"
– Moratti: " Ci pens l 'Inter a battere la Juve "

– Corriere dello Sport (@CorSport) April 25, 2018

" The Egyptian proves to be a nightmare for his former teammates, with two goals and two badists. Dzeko and Perotti keep the doors open for a late return. Liverpool was too electric and hungry; The gypsies were too fragile from the psychological and tactical point of view: the first 70 minutes were a keynote address by Klopp, illuminated by a player with a vein of truly rich form. Salah was mercilessly destructive, moving the Reds closer to Kiev. "


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