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Liverpool will have to rely on "the perfect storm" if they are going to win the Premier League on Sunday, according to former Manchester City defender Danny Mills.

The Reds host Wolves at Anfield on the last day of the Premier League season with the hope of winning a first league title since 1990.

But after Vincent Kompany's long-range strike helped Man City beat Leicester on Monday and return to the top of the table, Jurgen Klopp will rely on the defending champions to break down in Brighton.

Mills spent five years as a City player before the club became the regular winner of the title and while not ruling out a win for Liverpool, the 41-year-old believes the Blues will close the season as expected.

"If City scored early, they could end up winning four or five," Mills told Love Sport Drive (Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 7:00 p.m.).

"If Brighton is up to halftime and the City starts getting a little nervous and tries to force the problem a bit and Liverpool is winning at the other end of the country, that makes you all a little more nervous."

"But City have a lot of quality and Pep Guardiola knows how to win in this situation." I think you've already said guys, you guys have been amazing for two years, so go out and enjoy. Go out and play. & # 39;

"That's almost a dangerous thing [for Brighton] If you play with that freedom and relaxation.

"Kevin De Bruyne could also be in shape and be a player where he will come back at a time like this."

Meanwhile, Liverpool will not be able to count on Roberto Firmino when they host the Wolves, although they hope to welcome back Jordan Henderson, Andrew Robertson and Mo Salah for the vital clash.

Meanwhile, the city has to worry about an FA Cup final in a week, they will face Watford at Wembley for a treble potential, but Mills believes there is little to worry about now that the season has come to an end.

"Manchester City will play the same way, no matter what." It does not matter if he's still 0-0 in the 87th minute, Ederson will continue to play the ball, "added Mills.

"They will not just start piling up the pitch for the simple fact of doing it." It does not happen

"These Man City players know they have a system, that they will wear out the teams and they will have a chance.

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"They have players of such quality that support those players when the opportunity comes, either in the first minute or in the 90th minute."

"Let's not forget they've been here before with the famous Aguero moment.

"They had lost him. Manchester United had won the Premier League. They had won their game and were about to celebrate. It was 2-2 and then Agüero!

"So they are a very, very experienced side that has been there or in the vicinity.

"And you must remember that City lost four games and only drew two, playing against one side that is fourth from below."

Even if City is wrong, they could still be champions if Liverpool fails to beat the Wolves.

But Mills recognizes that that is only likely if they realize that the title is unattainable.

"If City goes 1-0 earlier, the players will find out about that and then they could go down a bit," Mills said.

"Wolves are a good side and Liverpool can not beat them. That could be a potential banana skin because the wolves have been very, very good.

"You can get weird results at this time of the season where the Wolves come out or Brighton comes out and plays with a little bit of freedom." It can be the perfect storm.

"But there are not many bookies that give you a good chance that the City will do that, the advantage is that Liverpool have the Champions League.

"Imagine if they had lost and left and lost again. It would have devastated his season. But they still have the Champions League. "

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