Liverpool investigates allegations that police in Seville assaulted their followers


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Liverpool fans were subjected on Tuesday to a "severe" treatment by police and stewards in Seville, the supporters' group Spirit of Shankly (SOS) said, with the Premier League club investigating the claims and confirming UEFA is aware of the situation.

SOS alleged that some fans were denied entry to the Champions League match and were badaulted by police and commissioners at the Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán.

"We realized issues that affected fans during the first half of the game," SOS president Jay McKenna said in a statement to ESPN FC.

"A couple of our committee members reported problems entering the field, they were denied access because they accused the flag they had [which featured a Liver bird and the word “defiance”] of having a political message.

" The most worrisome are the reports about the clumsy treatment of supporters, including physical attacks, with a committee member who reports that he was punched when he was taken off the ground.

"Similar experiences have been shared from other supporters last night, and we have asked people to introduce themselves so that we can raise this problem with the club.

" We have already pointed it out to you and we know you are looking for more information.

"Clearly, what happened last night is not acceptable and we will ask the clubs and UEFA what they plan to do about it."

UEFA, the governing body of European football and organizer of the Champions League, told ESPN FC: "We are aware that there were some problems in the entries of fans who visit the stadium" and said he had no more comments. [19659006ElLiverpoolpublicóunadeclaraciónmástardeelmiércolesquedecía:”DespuésdedetalladosypreocupantesrelatosdadosporlospartidariosdelLiverpoolqueasistieronalpartidocontraSevillaanocheelclubestátratandodeestablecerloshechosconrespectoasutratamientoamanosdeloscomisariosanfitrionesylapolicíalocalfuerza[19659006] "The safety of our followers is our main concern and we intend to gather all the relevant information before responding more."

  Seville police watch Liverpool fans during the Champions League clash in Seville
Seville police watch Liverpool fans during the Champions League game in Seville.

A police spokesman told ESPN FC: "Having spoken to the security coordinator of Sevilla FC (a police chief), there were no incidents or police charges in the two days before the game or during the day of the game.

"The only incident was that some Liverpool fans tried to go through the turnstiles to access the Sánchez Pizjuán stadium with false tickets, color photocopies of the tickets and when they tried to scan the bardode it would not work. The private security of Seville had to make them move so that other fans could enter.

"Regarding the flags, the rules require that flags and flags that are more than 3×2 meters in size, have an accredited label and that the flag is flexible.

" The police received a file of the flags Liverpool officials who met the requirements and, if they did not, their entry was not allowed.

"Furthermore, if a banner or banner has a message that incites violence, then it would not be allowed until yesterday, in any other game either in the League or in the European competition."

Article 6, section b, of the Spanish law against violence in sports, which was updated earlier this year, states that it is prohibited "to enter, display or make banners, flag symbols and other signs with messages that incite violence. "

Article 6, section c, of the Spanish law against violence in sporting states: "It is forbidden to enter the sports field under the influence of alcohol, toxic drugs …"

The correspondent of ESPN FC in Spain Adriana Garcia contributed with this report

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