Live updates: Trump on the way to the Utah Capitol; protesters and counter-demonstrators prepare –

Live updates: Trump on the way to the Utah Capitol; protesters and counter-demonstrators prepare


"It is completely ignoring the will of the people and selling the land to the highest bidder for the interests of fossil fuels," said Suzanne Attix of Salt Lake City. "I've been backpacking with bear ears and it was amazing, you're in the middle of nowhere and there are swimming pools where you can swim and waterfalls and it's disgusting that we do not take care of these natural spaces, I have family in the oil business and they say that is not even worth the effort to extract oil from Bears Ears "

11:20 am, Welfare Square

Trump's caravan arrived at the Wellness Plaza of the LDS Church, where the president will meet with LDS Church officials after a quick trip.

Trump met with President Henry B. Eyring of the First LDS Presidency, Chief Apostle Russell M. Nelson, Presiding Bishop Gérald Caussé and Relief Society President Jean B. Bingham.

Adam Newbould, 22, of England, was outside Welfare Square in protest against the protesters: "I am here because I believe in what Trump represents as the voice of people who have been forgotten and excluded from modern politics. .. I think Trump has emerged as a man of the people. "

Ellen Young, 29, said: "I'm just disgusted with Trump, disgusted by everything he represents and is about, last year after the election and it was a nightmare … why not let him know that everything what it represents is not right with me. "

Freeways closed during the trip, supporting traffic on I-215.

Small groups of people lined up at the airport exit, some with Trump-Pence signs. The caravan, which appeared to have at least 21 vehicles, left at 600 South and then turned 300 West and again at 800 South, pbading a large mural to Bears Ears.

More spectators waited, including one with a "Run" Mitt, Run "sign and cross the street, a sign addressed to the senior senator from Utah:" Hatch another plan. "

A small group of protesters carried signs on outside the facility, with a woman shouting out loud "What a shame! "SLCPD and the UHP vehicle are ringing in the buildings at this time."

11:45 a.m., Salt Lake City International Airport

Nancy Volmer, spokeswoman for Salt Lake City International Airport, said the airport had a ground stop in place, which caused "minimal delays," about 15 minutes before and after Trump's arrival and departure, for inbound and outbound flights.

11:40 am, Salt Lake City

Supporters lined up on Trump Road's arrival, a woman with a rose Make America Great hat again and many others taking pictures.There were protesters on the way, a woman with a sign that simply said "No ! "And another woman who raised her thumbs with emphasis.

One protester had a sign that read" Hatch a better plan, "with others saying" Dump Trump "and" Protect Wild Utah. "

This is the order of today's speaker at the Capitol:

President of the House of Representatives of Utah Greg Hughes

Rebecca Benally, Commissioner of San Juan

Gov. Gary Herbert

Sec Interior Ryan Zinke

Senator Hatch


10:48 am, Salt Lake City International Airport

President Donald Trump descended the steps of Air Force One to applaud, opening arms for flattery. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, wearing a cowboy hat, and Utah Lords Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee left with him.

Trump greeted Utah Governor Gary Herbert and spokesman Greg Hughes, who were waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs. Trump then approached the crowds waiting behind a rope, seeming to enjoy that a family had a teenage son Trump posing as a blonde with makeup and a wig.

Trump said: "I like this child, I like this child!" Of the Trump miniature.

10:40 am, Utah State Capitol

While a Department of Public Safety helicopter is circling overhead, hundreds gather at the Utah Capitol when it arrives President Donald Trump. Utah.

Some are in the hats of Make America Great Again. Many more are holding posters in favor of the monument: "Keep our monuments immense." "Ax Zinke does not wear ears." "Keep your little hands dirty from our beautiful lands."

10:09 a.m., State Capitol of Utah

Rep. Rob Bishop, a Republican from Utah, said Trump's move to reduce the national monuments of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase "is just the beginning."

He added: "The difficult part begins now, it was easy to get to where we are today, now we are going to have to improve our game and put in statute the protections that we are talking about today, it's not that easy".

He adds that he believes the president's action is legal. "It's been done in the past, it can happen again."

Bishop and other members of the Utah federal delegation will hold a press conference on Tuesday at the United States Capitol to publicize new legislation.

Brad Wilson, R-Kaysville, majority leader of the Utah House of Representatives president at the Capitol for apparently listening to the resolutions that the Legislature approved this year calling for a reduction in the size of the monuments.

"We greatly appreciate hearing our resolutions at the beginning of this year, which is very important for the state, both to solve this problem in a way that we believe is more equitable, so that our voice can hear. said Wilson.

6:24 am, White House lawn

President Donald Trump spoke briefly with reporters before boarding a helicopter to take him to Air Force One. He made reference to the guilty plea of ​​the former Director of National Security Michael Flynn and the recent pbadage of a Senate tax bill, as well as his trip to Utah.

"We're going to Utah, we're going to be doing something that the state of Utah and others have wanted to do for many, many years," Trump told reporters this morning . "It will be one of the best events in this country for a long time, so important for the rights of the states and so important to the people of Utah, and I know that many of you will come with me, we will have a lot of time to talk."

Air Force One took off a little late, but the president, along with Utah Senators Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, is expected to arrive in Utah around 10:50 am

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