Live updates: Trump criticizes John Bolton for electoral losses as legal battle continues

President Trump Lashed out On Sunday, John Bolton called him “one of the best people in government” after the former National Security Advisor, urging GOP party leaders to accept the 2020 election results and encourage his supporters to accept defeat requested.

“John Bolton was one of the most humble people in the government with whom I had the pleasure to work,” Trump tweeted. “A dull, lethargic and quiet man, he added nothing but national security,” Gee, let’s go to war. “Also, a lot of classified information released illegally. A real dope!”

Trump was responding to an earlier Bolton appearance on ABC’s This Week on Sunday with George Stephenopoulos, during which he dismissed Trump’s “baseless” voter fraud claims, and urged Republican leaders to convince supporters “Trump has lost the election.”

Meanwhile, Trump on Sunday indicated for the first time that Joe Biden won the “2020 presidential election,” noting that he is not winning the race.

“He won because the election was Rigveda,” Trump tweeted In response to a monologue on Fox News’ “Waters World”.

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