LIVE UPDATES: Southern California has orders to stay home after the holidays

Health officials in Southern California have determined that areas in the area will have to continue enforcing their stay-at-home orders after the holiday weekend, according to a report.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the current ICU capacity in the Southern California and San Joaquin Valley regions is at zero. The report states that orders will remain in place until more than 15% is available.

Meanwhile, in Europe, doctors, nurses and the elderly roll up their sleeves to receive their first dose of vaccine, a symbolic show of unity and a moment of hope to face their worst health care crisis in a century.

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Fast facts

    Fauci claims that herd immunity numbers are ‘gestimates’ at 75–80%.

    There are 19.2 million confirmed coronovirus cases and 333,000 deaths in the US

“Today I am as a citizen, but most of all as a nurse, to represent my category and all health workers who choose to believe in science,” said Claudia Alviranini, 29, the first in Spentzrani Infectious Diseases Hospital in person Rome. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz called the vaccine, developed in record time, a “game-changer.”

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