Live update: Trump fights Wisconsin, Pennsylvania election away

President Trump said Saturday that his team would challenge presidential post-election results in Wisconsin, which Biden defeated his leadership in Milwaukee County by more than 100 votes.

Trump continued to accuse him of electoral fraud in Pennsylvania, despite federal appeals judges ruling on Friday that claims in that state of the Trump 2020 campaign “have no merit.”

The president said in a tweet Saturday, “Combating Wisconsin is not about finding mistakes in counting. It’s about finding people who have voted illegally, and that will be brought up on Monday or Tuesday . ” Many invalid votes. stay tuned!”

Fast facts about Trump’s 2020 legal challenges

    • Trump said he would challenge Wisconsin’s results when it comes to an end because it is unlikely to beat Biden’s victory
    • Trump’s team plans to take Pennsylvania’s results to Supreme Court

Trump’s team requested a withdrawal in two Democratic-leaning counties in Wisconsin, reportedly paying $ 3 million.

In Dane County, Trump garnered nearly 100 votes with more ballots remaining that were counted until Saturday afternoon.

The deadline for the Democratic Chair of the opposition Wisconsin Election Commission to certify votes is Tuesday, but the Wisconsin Voters Alliance, a conservative group, has filed suit against election officials, seeking to block the process.

Biden won the state by more than 20,000 votes.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign said it planned to take its Pennsylvania case to the Supreme Court.

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