Live Update: Oregon Duck vs. USC Trojans in Pac-12 Championship Game

LOS ANGELES – We won at the LA Memorial Coliseum where the Oregon Ducks face the No. 13 USC Trojans in the Pac-12 championship game.

Ducks are three-pointed dalits

Refresh this page to follow live updates from today’s game.

First Question: Oregon 14, USC 0 – 7:14

– Travis runs for Die 4. 14. Tyler Shaw leads a 14-yard touchdown pass to Hunter Kumpmoyer. Oregon 14, USC 0 7:14.

– Pass for Kadon Slovis 8.. First down for 1 run for Marksey Step 1. 2. Step for 2. Slovis, designed by Javal Hill.

– 2 passes for Tyler Shaw Travis Dye. Sacked by Talano Hafanga for the loss of seven. Incomplete pass. Punt, USC starts at 5 after a penalty.

– Incomplete pass for 5 runs by USC Stephen Carr. Carr for six. Andrew Faoliu departs for a 4 loss to Kadon Slovis before the 11. USC timeout. Punt.

– Oregon comes in a 4-by-1 blank formation and a screen pass is incomplete. Travis Dye walks for 7.. Anthony Brown comes in and gives a two-yard pass to Jaylon Red for a touchdown. Oregon 7, USC 0 13:49

– The ducks come out in Dime and force back-to-back incompleteness, then an interception by Deodore Lenoir and a face mask take the ball to USC 9.

– Oregon wins the toss and defenders. The Ducks will kick in the West End zone.


– RB CJ Verdel is believed to have an arm injury

– Backup security Steve Stephens IV is out

– TE Spencer Webb was produced but Cam McCormick did not travel

– S. Steve Stephens IV does not appear here

– CB Dontae Manning out again

– SLB Adrian Jackson Jr. is not here

– ILB MJ Cunningham is not here

– WR Brian Edison is wearing number 25

– S. Jared “JJ” traveled to Greenfield

– QB Jay Butterfield traveled it wasn’t for Cal

– OC Jonathan Dennis is back with another team pregame, he did not travel to Cal

how to see

When: At 5 pm

TV Channel: Fox

radio: 1080 “The Fan” in Portland, KUGN-AM 590 in Eugene

How to watch online live: Fox sports go

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