Live update: Biden campaign manager Trump Hills heads to White House as ‘bit Victory’

President-Elect Joe Biden raised questions following the remarks in Delaware, where he talked about the growing of the coronovirus case nationwide.

He said that public health experts tell him that he advises limiting thanksgiving meetings to 10 people or less.

Biden named his campaign manager Jane O’Malley Dillon his deputy chief of staff. O’Malley will join with Dillon, Ron Clann, who was announced as Biden’s incoming White House chief last week – and Cedric Richmond, Louisiana, is a national co-chair of Biden’s presidential campaign that senior Expect to serve as a consultant.

President Trump called Nevada’s Clark County decision not to authenticate in his local race because of several discrepancies “a major victory” and suggested the issue could be evidence of a broader problem in the state.

Trump tweeted, “Great victory moments in the state of Nevada.”

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