Live update: All but 5 Republican senators vote to reject Trump’s impeachment test

The senators were sworn in on Tuesday to test for the impeachment of former President Trump, as the Senate voted 55-45 to conclude a debate on Rand Paul’s order. Arguing that impeachment test is unconstitutional when Trump is out of office.

Fast facts

    • Trump was “incited to rebellion” by the House following a fatal violation of the US Capitol on 6 January following Trump’s rally.
    • Republican Censor. Susan Collins, Maine, Lisa Murkowski, Alaska, Ben Sasse, Neb. And Pat Tommy, Pa., And Mitt Romney, Utah all voted to end the debate with Senators with Democrats. Impeachment went on trial at the behest of Rand Paul. A former president is unconstitutional

Five GOP senators voted not to dismiss President Trump’s impeachment suit: Susan Collins, Maine, Lisa Murkowski, Alaska, Ben Sasse, Neb., And Pat Tommy, Pa., And Witt Romney, Utah. He ordered all 50 Democrat senators to vote with him.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has hinted that Trump should be convicted, voted against the ended debate, on which he has an open mind.

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