Live results for Rafael Nadal vs. Dominic Thiem: score and highlights of the open French men’s final –

Live results for Rafael Nadal vs. Dominic Thiem: score and highlights of the open French men’s final

First set, game 10: Nadal 6 Thiem 4

Serving 4-5, Thiem is quickly on a 0-30 hole as Nadal's benefits are overwhelming. Thiem puts one in the net and is a triple set point attempt for Nadal. Thiem sends another long and so, Nadal has his second rest and the first set.

First set, Game 9: Nadal 5, Thiem 4

Nadal goes up 15-0, but has a double fault when he sends it wide and then to the net. Great serve and a long return for Thiem, and Nadal is sailing. Another easy point and a cellar for Nadal.

First set, game 8: Nadal 4, Thiem 4

Thiem forcing Nadal to cover the entire court early in this service game. He goes up 30-0 with Nadal fighting from side to side, and then hits an ace to go up 40-0. Thiem is much easier this time.

First set, Game 7: Nadal 4, Thiem 3

Thiem gets the first points with Nadal's serve, but Nadal quickly ties him with a pair of strong setbacks. Then come up with a strong service, and throw one over the top of Thiem and in the back corner to go to 40-15. Thiem can not handle the next return, and Nadal holds out.

First Set, Game 6: Nadal 3, Thiem 3

Nadal sends a return to the net, and a thiem hit goes too far across the court to do it 15-15. The successive mbadive rights of Thiem put him a point away in his service game. The first serve goes out. Second serve, Thiem we will pbad it because he thinks he is out, but the referee does not agree, giving Nadal the point to do it deuce. First it serves again for Thiem, and the second is too safe, but Nadal sends it anyway. Thiem advantage. Another first service in the network, and his return in the second service bounces in the network and goes far. Advantage again after Nadal can not reach a forehand. Nadal attacks a volley on the net and is deuce again. Attempt to break point now for Nadal. Deuce No. 4 while Thiem hits him on opposite sides of the court three times in a row. Thiem goes long, and Nadal has another break attempt. A return goes wide, and Deuce No. 5. Advantage Thiem after a successful fall this time. A 13-minute game comes to an end when Nadal can not handle a serve, and Thiem grabs!

First set, game 5: Nadal 3, Thiem 2

A long rally ends after a fall by Nadal convinces Thiem to show up, and Nadal receives the forehand of the fall to climb 30-15. Great serve and a long return from Thiem makes it 40-15. Nadal closes it quickly.

First set, game 4: Nadal 2, Thiem 2

Second huge service for Thiem equals this game at 15-15, but Nadal takes control with a forehand on the right bottom line while Thiem was a little loose in his volley. Thiem goes up 40-30, but Nadal gets it back when, again, Thiem leaves a shot there. An attempt to launch his own serve, and Thiem faces another break point. Nadal sends the serve for 138 mph too long, and it's Deuce No. 2. Great ace of Thiem, but back to Deuce. Advantage Thiem again, and after a round-trip rally, it manages to cross and maintain.

First set, Game 3: Nadal 2, Thiem 1

Nadal leaves his first service points in a long rally after Thiem has multiple strong reverse returns. He ties him quickly with a strong serve-and-return, and in no time he is looking to fight in Thiem's ​​multiple break attempts! Thiem sees that the first one goes when Nadal hits a long one and Thiem crushes him on the opposite line. Then Thiem gets the rest to serve again!

First set, game 2: Nadal 2, Thiem 0

Nadal quickly climbs 30-0 in the second game after he has a beautiful drop shot that Thiem has running around the court to catch him. Thiem gets on the board after a strong backhand move where Nadal sends a long one. Thiem sends a hard one down the baseline, but it's A LOT long. That is the opportunity that Thiem wants all day, but it can not fail as it has just done. Thiem abandons his first service game when he can not handle Nadal's return.

First set, game 1: Nadal 1, Thiem 0

Nadal scores a quick point in his service, and after a failure, marks another when Thiem returns is long. Thiem gets a good return in the next service, but Nadal cuts one on the court, making the return of Thiem long. He plays the net in the next round and buries the first game without losing a point.

The King of Clay, Rafael Nadal, is in another final of the French Open, which should not surprise anyone. He will face Dominic Thiem on Sunday morning to decide on the Roland Garros champion in 2018. If Nadal wins, it will be his eleventh title there, which would tie Margaret Court for the most titles in one hit (it did at the Australian Open).

The final is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. ET on NBC. The live broadcast is available through NBC Sports, the NBC Sports app and other streaming services that broadcast the channel, such as fuboTV.

Thiem is widely considered the second best male tennis player when it comes to the clay surface, but he is against it. the best. Thiem is playing in his first Grand Slam final, having come as far as the fourth round in the other three major leagues.

For the second year in a row, he is the only player to beat Nadal in Clay when he entered the tournament. He broke the record of 50 sets of Nadal when they met in the quarterfinals in the clay of Madrid in May. That streak started when Thiem beat Nadal in Rome last year.

In addition to those two games, Thiem has beaten Nadal on another occasion. In the hand to hand, Nadal has a 6-3 advantage, with all their matches played on clay. The most recent was the victory in straight sets for Thiem in Madrid. Nadal's last win over Thiem came to clay on Monaco earlier this year, and before that he beat Thiem in the semifinals of the French Open 2017.

Thiem came to the French Open as the seventh seed, while Nadal is the main one.

Below, you will find everything you need to know to see the action.

How to watch the Men's Open French Singles Final

Date: Sunday, June 10

Time: 9 am ET

Location: Stade Roland-Garros, Paris, France


Online broadcast: NBC Sports, NBC Sports app, fuboTV

Men's singles final of Roland Garros

No. 1 Rafael Nadal vs. No. 7 Dominic Thiem

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