Live results for Packers vs. Steelers 2017: scoring and highlights updates


The Pittsburgh Steelers are rolling, winning their last five games to get away with the AFC North lead. They will seek to maintain momentum against the Green Bay Packers, who are heading in the opposite direction as their playoff hopes vanish. These teams collide on Sunday night at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC (live broadcasts on NBC Sports and Fubo TV ) .

The Steelers are 9-2 and come from a dominant Week 11 performance against the Tennessee Titans. The offense was slow to start the game, but Ben Roethlisberger hit the jets after halftime, throwing three touchdowns in the second half in a 40-17 victory.

Three of Roethlisberger's four touchdowns went to Anotnio Brown, who entered Week 12 leading the league with 1,026 receiving yards. Brown is red hot once again, and Le & # 39; Veon is still producing despite a slow race recently (he has not reached 100 yards rushing since week 7). Combine stars on offense with a dominant defense, and the Steelers have a good playoff streak, if they can get out of their way, of course.

Things went well for the Packers, who started 4-1 while Aaron Rodgers did his thing. Unfortunately, his season went off the railing when Rodgers broke his collarbone and possibly left him out for the rest of the year. Green Bay has gone 1-4, with Brett Hundley looking like he was not ready for the limelight.

Things touched a new low last week, when the Packers were sent off at home by the Baltimore Ravens. That defeat leaves them at 5-5 and further mitigates their hopes of stealing a Wild Card spot. If Hundley does not change things in a hurry, the Packers could be looking at their first losing season since 2008.

For all the problems this team has come through this year, from slow beginnings to Instagram / Twitter collapses – to the lower points of the race at stake, and then throw a good dose of shadow to Todd Haley, and you have your circus three laps caught.

But in my eyes, that ship has sailed. This team has already taken what I think is their hardest hit. The Steelers have seen the worst. Barring some catastrophic injuries to the usual suspects, the dark waters covered have built character and made this team intensify their game as we have not seen since the 2008 season.

You know, last year this team won a Lombardi Trophy.

I will not discount the intangibles of players who feel "more comfortable" running without plays or moves they prefer, or the fact that maybe succeeding in plays without games leads to confidence. That confidence could then be manifested in the execution of plays executed from the group. Ben's words to his teammates and his performance in the second half tell me, however, that the execution of the plays is more important, regardless of how the play is called.

In 2013, Green Bay averaged a 47% conversion rate on third chances with Aaron Rodgers healthy and a 47% and 53% index on the two games the team won without him.

This season, the Packers have not managed to reach the 47% benchmark in the era without Rodgers, but they got a victory against the Bears with a mark close to 43%. That rate was by far the highest percentage of any game so far, since Green Bay has consistently converted at a rate of 36% or less. In today's NFL, those brands in a five-game stretch simply will not cut it. The Packers continue to be unable to maintain units, even in third and short situations.

I will not chop the words here, or try to sweeten things. Brett Hundley has played poorly, and is largely due to a lack of decision. Again and again you will doubt in a pitch, resulting in a discard, a fight for minimum yardage, or a sack.

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