Little Miss Sunshine Actor Julio Oscar Mechoso Killed at 62


The actor Julio Oscar Mechoso died, known for his long career in both television and film. He was 62 years old.

Mechoso died of a heart attack on Saturday, according to the Miami Herald, which was the first to report the news.

The Miami native began acting at age 20 and quickly won points in popular television series throughout his career, including Seinfeld and Miami Vic e. More recently, he appeared in The Big Bang Theory and Gray & # 39; s Anatomy .

Mechoso also got several roles on the big screen like The Legend of Zorro Jurbadic Park III and Little Miss Sunshine .

Long-time friend and fellow actor Andy Garcia, wrote an exciting and powerful tribute to Mechoso shortly after his death.

"How can one express the extreme loss of someone so close to you, the extreme emptiness one feels now and forever," he wrote in a letter, according to the Miami Herald. "A sudden loss is always unfair, but in the case of Julio Oscar Mechoso, my friend, my soulmate, is more than that, since I have lost the most faithful of friends".

"Julio is a unique and extraordinary artist, I say that it is because his art will continue and will be present in everything that will be present," he continued. "That will never die."

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