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The minister evaluated the behavior of the leaders with the young supervisor of the prison: he had to stop in time

The Minister of Justice, Elvinas Jankevičius, who visited the news portal tv3.lt study, evaluated one of the most recent scandals in the penitentiary system.

The Minister spoke specifically about the Supervisor of the preventive prison of Lukiškės, Laura Kalinauskaitė, who was under pressure from the Head of the Immunity Service to contact the prisoners and thus obtain the necessary information.

This scandal came to light the day the official himself spoke. After meeting with her, E. Jankevičius said that the information that was heard from the official's lips convinced him. So it only remains to obtain the conclusions of the study and then make the decisions.

It must stop in time

E. Jankevičius stressed that the recruitment processes in the penitentiary system pose many problems for him.

"It really should not be." In fact, the fact that the Immunity Service tries to talk to an official and encourages him to provide certain information in the future is not new, everything is done by law.

But the way it is done is another issue. When the head of immunity goes to the training center many times, talk to a particular officer. When the teachers ask that officer to meet him.

These close students are beginning to look strange to that officer. The question is, why do you often meet with the Head of Immunity? The officer himself feels uncomfortable because he feels the contempt of others. This way of communicating with officials is scarce. This can not be the case, "said Jankevičius.

The Minister has not denied or confirmed that some personal relationships have become entangled in this story:

"I can not confirm this because I have no evidence, only a series of assumptions can be made, even the same guide arrives at the diploma ceremony, personally welcome.

But the fact is that if the official thanks you, I am very pleased to meet you, but I do not really want to behave in one way or another, because that is my decision, I should be at the limit to complete that process and finish it. "

For a complete conversation on tv3.lt, see here:

The official himself spoke.

The news portal tv3.lt wrote that a young officer working in the prison-preventive prison in Lukiškės spoke about the pressure he was experiencing. She said she was under pressure to leave work because she refused to enter into informal relationships with convicts.

The woman told the Immigration Department's news portal that Immunity Department officials from the Department of Prisons had contacted her while she was studying, and the girl offered to cooperate by establishing close relationships with the prisoners and extracting the necessary information. She refused.

"I came to work in protection and care, sentenced and arrested, and not to participate in some kind of activities such as gathering, possibly flirting, just to get information," said Laura Kalinauskaitė, custodian of the Lukiškės pretrial detention center.

The girl who started work later said she was under pressure to leave work, otherwise there would be evidence that she had brought drugs to jail, she said she had been threatened with convicts.

She says that she was beaten by Gintaras Zaveckis, who after Facebook The scandal of the prisoners about the resignation of the prisoners resigned from the Department of Immunity of the Department of Prisons.

Jurga Mickienė, the Head of the Department of Immunity who replaced him, told the website that the story of L. Kalinauskaitė about the threats was immediately reacted: a threat of murder or a serious interruption of human health or the terrorization of a person was initiated by a pre-trial investigation.

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