The famous theater director Eimuntas Nekrošius died

E. Nekrošius, suddenly died this night at Santariškės Clinic. "This news has reached us. (Director) died unexpectedly, this evening, in Santariškės, at 3 pm ", – said A. Nakrosius, director of the director, who is a relative from his father.

According to Vice Speaker of the Seimas A. Nekrošius, the director felt ill after returning from the trip and was taken to a hospital.

E. Nekrošis would be 66 years old on Wednesday.

Arvydas Nekrošius' message to Facebook.

Arvydas Nekrošius' message to Facebook.

Eimuntas Nekrošius was born in 1952. November 21 In Pažobrio village (Raseiniai Rayon) in 1978 he graduated from the theater directing studies at A. Lunačiarskis Theater Arts Institute in Moscow (Andrei Gonciarov's course). 1978-1979 directed the Kaunas Drama Theater, from 1979 to 1991 at the Lithuanian State Youth Theater. 1993-1997 LIFE Director of the Lithuanian International Theater Festival. In 1998, he established a theater studio "Meno fortas" in Vilnius and is the artistic director of the artist. The State Prize of the LSSR (1983), the USSR State Prize (1987, with others), the Baltic Assembly Award (1994), the European Theater Award "For the New Theater Reality" (1994), the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Award (1997), the Commander of the Order of the Gediminas Cross (1998), K. Stanislavsky International Public Benefit Foundation for the significant contribution to the development of world theater art (2001), Grand Cross of Merit of Lithuania (2003), National Cultural Advancement Award (2008).

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