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Scotland prepares for a special project: the enormous battery will turn into a fabulous Lochnes lake

In fact, these renewable energies are sometimes too numerous. Is this a problem? Intelligent Land Invests says it does not already have a solution. On the shore of Lake Lochnesa, it is planning to build a huge power plant.

It is planned that the production of this hydroelectric power would reach 2.4 GWh. When the power plant is fully equipped, it will be able to provide 400 MW of power for 6 hours and double the installed power of existing wind turbines.

According to Wired UK, such figures mean that not only will wind energy be efficiently used but also renewable energy will provide an additional 400,000 Scottish houses.

This Red John project is unique in that the hydro-electric plant will act as an electric motor and as a generator. For example, the principle would be the Kruonis Pump Storage Power Plant located in Lithuania.

This will be a rather complicated engineering hydrotechnical complex with two water storage facilities – the upper and lower pools. When the energy system's load is low and there will be a lot of cheap wind energy, Red John's hydroelectric power units will start to pump water from the bottom water basin to the artificial upper reservoir, thereby accumulating the potential energy of the water.

The great advantage of such a power plant is that it is possible to switch it on at any time and in practice in a couple of minutes, while conventional gas-fired power plants can take up to a couple of hours.

The pump storage plant is a huge device that provides fast reserve power and efficiently utilizes excessive wind energy which is extremely There is simply no room for windy days. So when the energy is too much, it will be used to pump water into the upper tank when the energy market begins to fail – Red John will start operating as a conventional hydroelectric power plant

It is estimated that Red John's construction could take from three to five Intelligent Land Investents hopes that this power plant should be operational by 2024. So far, the project is funded by Intelligent Land Investents, and it is estimated that the final amount of the project could reach £ 500m (€ 558.44m), which will require additional sources of funding.

However, this project has yet to go a long way to becoming a reality. It has to be approved by several regulatory agencies, which can take up to several years. According to the Intelligent Land Investents website, Red John's project will require 5.4 million.

However, the authors of the project on the BBC said that they could design the upper reservoir in such a way that it would look like a completely natural and yet another ordinary lake in the neighborhood. The BBC also notes that one pump-storage plant is already located on the east coast of Lochneos, so Red John's power plant would no longer be the first.

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