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On Monday, Marse will launch a NASA device that will not let her fall asleep and hurt her.

The probe will monitor the seismic activity of the Red Planet. The data obtained should help us discover how Mars was formed billions of years ago and, in addition, other planets similar to Earth.

InSight was launched almost seven months ago. Since 2012, when the marshal of "Curiosity" floated to Mars, it is NASA's first attempt to hit the probe on a neighboring planet.

More than half of the 43 global attempts to send Mars to commissioners, satellites and probes were unsuccessful.

NASA is the only Space Agency that succeeds. She invests in these missions in preparation for the first flight of people scheduled for Mars in the 1940s.

"We never evaluate (success for) Mars as it is understood." Mars is having problems, said NASA scientist Thomas Zurbuchen on Sunday.

"Moments of horror"

The entrance of the probe into the atmosphere and the landing phase will start at 11 o'clock. 47 min (21 h 47 min Lithuanian time). The mission is managed by NASA's Reaction Research Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California.

A well-programmed phase programmed by the probe was called "six moments of horror and a half".

The probe will adhere to the atmosphere of Mars faster than the bullet, 19.8 ths. km per hour Speed, and you will suffer a lot of friction. From the heat that protects the outer layer of the same, the layer hits up to about 1.5 thousand. Degrees centigrade, and the radio connection can be interrupted for a short time.

When the protective layer is released, three landing legs and a parachute will be deployed.

"There will be a free fall, and it's an absolutely terrifying idea for me," said InSight project manager Thomas Hoffman.

But then the probe's engines will turn on, which will further slow down the 365 kg weighing probe, and this planet's surface will reach about 8 kilometers per hour. speed

From the Earth, nothing can be controlled, and it will not be possible to intervene in any way, if someone does not turn in that direction, then emotions, according to T. Hoffman, are controversial.

"At the same time, I am completely calm and very excited," he said. "We've done everything … but you never know what's going to happen."

T. Hoffman, a two- and four-year-old boy, said that "sleeping was not very good," but added that this could be due to his sucking.

But when at 10 pm 1 min At the time of Lithuania, the first sign to prove that the probe has landed successfully, T.Hoffman promises to "give his full will for four years within himself".

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