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"Lithuanian gas supply" has been granted a public supply license

Natural gas supplier Lietuvos Dujos (LDT) will be able to engage in public electricity supply activities – the National Control Commission for Prices and Energy (NCCA) has granted a license to the company for this activity.

The license will come into force from 2018. October 1 It is planned that the LDT will take over the public electricity supply from another company of the Lietuvos energija group – the Energy Distribution Operator (ESO). An energy license issued to this company entitling the ESO to engage in public electricity supply activities will cease to apply in 2018. October 1, 1965

The company, which will be involved in the supply of electricity and gas to the population from October, will be called "Lietuvos energija tiekimas" (LET).

"This change will be beneficial for the customers as after clearing the operations of the distribution infrastructure operator and concentrating in one company energy supply activities, conditions will be created to reduce operating costs. Another important benefit for the customers is convenience, because both the electricity and the natural gas customers will receive a one-stop shop. In other words, they will only need to communicate with one company on energy acquisition issues, "says Vidmantas Salietis, Member of the Board of the Lithuanian Gas Supply.

It is expected that the planned transfer of public electricity supply activities to LDT will allow one company to concentrate energy supply activities and optimize processes. Separate public electricity supply activities, the ESO will continue its core business – divide electricity and gas and maintain distribution networks, take care of network failures and connect new customers, perform warranty supplies.

Jung four companies

As VZ wrote, The Lithuanian Energy Group is preparing to create a unified commercial organization through several stages in implementing a new strategy and gradually consolidating the activities of electricity and natural gas trading and supply.

The project will include four group companies – UAB Energijos tiekimas, UAB Energijos sprendimų centras, Lietuvos dujos tiekimas UAB and Litgas UAB. By 2018 An analysis phase will take place at the beginning of autumn, and a detailed action plan will be adopted later on which will include changes that will take place this year.

The company will be expected to start operating in 2019.

ESO will lose 100 million. Eur. Revenues

VZ also wrote that social activities from the ESO's income will plummet about 100-120 million. Eur every year. True, since this activity is regulated, the company's profitability indicators should not change significantly. LET for taking over this activity will have to pay back to the company belonging to the same group of companies, as VŽ was informed by representatives of Lietuvos Energija, the evaluation of this business is currently underway and the amount should be revealed in September.

Separation and relocation of public supply activities is one of the group of companies " energy "(LE) strategic direction. The group of companies seeks to create a single commercial organization and to clean up the activities of the ESO.

At present, in the portfolio of ESO activities, besides core business, y Electricity, gas distribution networks management and maintenance are the supply of electricity to domestic customers (public supply), and ESO also provides its customers with other services in order to obtain the full package of electricity infrastructure installation services from one hand. In addition to the activities of the classic electricity distribution operator, such as the introduction of electricity, the introduction of power inputs, intelligent accounting or the customer-connecting electricity, the company can also install a car loading station or solar power station.

This company now brings more than half a billion dollars. Eur in the group of incomes. The LE strategy states that gas and electricity distribution network activities account for 63% of the 239 million. Eur Group Profit before taxes, interest, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA). In 2030, when EB EBITDA was to reach about 800 million Litas, Eur, the distribution network's contribution (34%) should be ahead of the green energy (40%).

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