L.Dončičius, who was previously killed, lost the Derby Texas

The National Football Association (NBA) at Dallas Mavericks (27/40), home 105: 112 (24:34, 29:26, 21:24, 31:28) ashore at San Antonio Spurs club (39/29).

Mavericks already lost control of the game in the first half, which was lost with a two-digit difference. Once again, they were able to return to the rest of the game only in the final minutes of the game.

Less than two minutes away, Dwight Powello's two points cut off Mavericks' s to 3 points (99: 102). But the Spurs get caught on the time, DeMar DeRozan and Derrick White hit the colon without answering the Mavericks and the influence was maintained.

The black night attacked the head of Mavericks Luka to Dončičis. In 34 minutes, Slovenia sent out 12 points (4/11 colonies, 1/7 three points, 1/9 penalties), put back 6 balls, which made 7 successful crossings, banning 2 feet, lost 9 times, and failed once.

True, L. Dončičius has an excuse – he was playing against rough road pain. She was played by a snooze and an old doctor Dirk Nowitzki.

"He is an emotional player but he is almost twenty. Everything will be good for him. I don't care about Luke. He played a whole new season and he'll continue to attack the sack. said the German.

In this game, there were two rookies & # 39; there. The participant Mavericks Jalenas Brunson played a game of life, earning 34 points, and Derrick White, second to Spurs, is no surprise for the first game at the top team awards.

Spurs: DeMar DeRozan 33 (6 rel., 4 per., Colon 11/19), LaMarcus Aldridge 28 (7 soldiers, 11/18 colonies), Derrick White 23 (3/5 three-point), 7th nice.), Davis Bertan. 11 (6 rel., 3/5 three points).

Maggie: Jalen Brunson 34 (5 rel., 4 res.), Dwight Powell 20 (7 repetition, 1/6 three points), Luka Dončičius 12 (6 rel., 7 rel., 9 Errors, Devin Harris 11 (3) 5 points), Tim Hardaway 10 (2/6 three points), Dorian Finney-Smith (7 soldiers) and Dirk Nowitzki after 8.

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