Kaunas, Archbishop L.Virbal, held 15min.lt

As the Apostolic Controller of the Archbishop, the Pope is appointed to appoint Bishop Algirdas Jurevičius, who has been Bishop Episcopal Kaunas Archdiocese.

Bishop Bishops Darius Chmieliauskas BNS said the decision was made by the Archbishop for personal purposes and promises to share his opinion in the future.

Archbishop Lionginas Virbalas writes his Facebook account:

"The will of Francis Francis was given from the past to the bishop's service, from March 1. With his permission, I will return to work according to my cousin priestly priest. In terms of health problems , and especially when they see the meaning and meaning of a monastery, I hope that I can give a better service to God and the people.

I thank everyone for the time I can spend with you in the Archbishopric Kaunas. Only what is done is only thank many priests and heroes who have been assigned themselves to the Gospel and that they are. serving loyally in the Church.

If you pardon me for my back. You always have to stay in my prayers. "

L.Virbal was born on 6 July 1961 in Biržai. He studied at the Vilnius Engineering Construction Institute for two years (currently the Technical University Vilnius Gediminas).

In 1983 he joined the Kaunas Interdisciplinary Group, but as a result of the Soviet government bankruptcy, the college's leadership could not accept it. For more than two years he worked as a sacristy and studied philosophy and divinity at an underground priestly seminar.

In 1986, L.Virbal was admitted to the conference, and in 1989 he went to the Jesus Society. He made the novel by continuing to learn at his & # 39; conference, because at that time the monks could not work in public.

In 1991 he was ordained to be a priest and went to Rome for further study, in 1994 he gained a degree in theology. During his learning, he worked with Radio Vatican.

In 2005, L.Virbal received a Memorial Medal on 13th January.

He was a member of the editorial board of Knowledge, the Diocese of Archdiocese Vilnius, and the scientific editorial board of the Universal Lithuanian Encyclopedia.

In 2010-2013, L.Virbalas was the leader of the Pontifical Russian College in Rome.

On 6 June 2013, the Pope placed a clergy to Bishop Panevėžys.

The Chief of the Diocese of Kaunas L.Virbal was appointed in June 2015.

The Lithuanian Bishops' Conference states that the Pope has been appointed Bishop Algirdas Jurevičius, who has been a member of the Archbishop Kaunas, as an astronomical administrator Kaunas Archdiocese.

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