Linus Torvalds launches Linux 5.1 with many new features

LLinus Torvalds of inux boss has released the stable version of Linux kernel 5.1 after seven liberation candidates. Kernel publishes the stable state after seven or eight launch candidates, so it's great that Linux 5.1 takes shape a week before. In addition, the code name of "Shy Crocodile" of the latest version remains the same as the previous one.

Compared to other releases, Linux 5.1 came a little late a day due to some last minute requests. In his ad announcement, Linus wrote that the requests ".It is big enough to justify the delay of things, and it is to be expected that the synchronization of the fusion window is not so painful either."

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According to Phoronix, Linux 5.1 of approximately 17.8 million lines of code. and 3.3 million comment lines; It comes loaded with many new features.

Moving on to the main changes, we are going to tell you some of them in a letter:

New features of Linux 5.1

The new high performance I / O interface is the highlight of Linux 5.1. the new interface io_uring it is expected to bring fast and scalable asynchronous I / O to Linux. In addition, it also adds a user space library that allows applications to configure an instance of io_uring without needing to know the ins and outs of io_uring.

This version also improves the fanotify interface that helps a Linux file system monitor for changes and adds the function of "superblock root monitoring" as a scalable way to track changes.

Another significant change in Linux 5.1 is the support for the use of Persistent memory as RAM. It has already been made clear in the past that it might bring some performance-related compromises, but it's good to see that Linux offers an option to allow people to use NVDIMM as additional RAM.

With 5.1, the Linux kernel also continues to work on the 2038 year problem. Other important features include new hardware support, Kernel Support R-Pi 3 Model A + main line, support Intel 22260 WiFi, etc.

As I mentioned, the Linux 5.1 kernel comes with a lot of new features; If you are interested in diving more thoroughly, I suggest you read this article in Kernel Newbies.

The latest release was available on at the time of writing this article, but it should appear there very soon.

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