Lines as long as Beijing extend large-scale COVID testing

BEIJING (AP) – Beijing has ordered more coronavirus testing for about 2 million people in its downtown area after new cases surfaced in China’s capital.

The city’s health department said that all residents of Xicheng and Dongcheng districts are required to undergo tests on Friday and Saturday. The results are usually delivered within a few hours by a smartphone app.

In a neighborhood in Dongcheng, several thousand people were wrapped around a corner in freezing temperatures and waiting to enter a building for testing, down several blocks.

These included a group of street sweepers wearing dark winter jackets in their high-visibility red and green uniforms. Everyone wore masks.

Compulsory testing has been a key feature of China’s push to stem a new wave of virus outbreaks, and evidence of recent negative testing conducted on cellphone apps to allow many stores, office buildings and residential compounds to gain entry now Is required.

Beijing has registered only 19 new cases in the past week but rigorous tracing has ordered all those tested to be exposed to the person carrying the virus.

The recently confirmed cases have largely been in suburban areas, but some of them traveled to the city before testing positive for the virus.


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