Lindsay Lohan is single and loves life in Dubai


Lindsay Lohan is enjoying the single life.

"She's blonde and happy and she looks good," PEOPLE tells a friend of Lohan, who adds that the actress currently lives between London and Dubai, where she is enjoying the attention. She takes away from the locals.

"It's strangely popular there and it's kind of like Paris Hilton," says Lohan's life friend in Dubai. "She has a lot of girlfriends and now she has a place, she has become a lady who has lunch with all these women who have business, it has taken her a while to get used to the lifestyle, but she likes it now."

Lohan recently resurfaced in New York in a rare public appearance with his mother Dina on Wednesday night, where he explained to Entertainment Tonight what is the appeal of living in Dubai.

"I love living in New York, but I do love the serenity and peace I find living in the Middle East because there are no cameras in Dubai and I can really concentrate on what I want to do in life," he said. "I do not always have to be scrutinized every second, I can have a private life and have a public life, but when I choose to do it, and I think that's really important."

  Lindsay and Dina Lohan

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As for her love life, the friend says that Lohan is now single after "hanging out with a boy" in London for a while. "It was rumored that she was romancing with Korean bodybuilder Je Hong Ha, but the source says they are "just friends." She thinks she's hysterical.

The actress has also left her engagement with Egor Tabarasov. In October, the star of Mean Girls addressed an altercation she had allegedly had with Tarabasov, saying that "there was not a person standing up" for her at that time. The accusations, made in 2016, have been removed from their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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"After him" he became violent with her, that's it, "says the friend. "She is fine now. She is single and is the best she has been in a long time. "

When asked why he is not dating anyone today, Lohan told him ET :" I do not think anyone can have a relationship with me because I'm never there all the time. [I’m] focusing on what I really feel I want to do right now and I think it's important to me. "

After a brief break in acting, the former childhood star recently signed up for the second season of ] Sick Note a series of British comedy that also stars Harry Potter Rupert Grint, Hot Fuzz Nick Frost and ex Miami Vice star Don Johnson. friend says she might be thinking about going back to work as a full-time actress.

"She signed up for two seasons and received good reviews. There are no problems on the set and she arrives on time every day, "says the friend." I think she'll give another year and I think she'll come back and say I'm ready. "

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