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Lindsay Lohan is back in New York

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After years of traveling the world, experimenting with different accents, and facing the harsh realities of racial profiling abroad, Lindsay Lohan has returned home to the United States, and just in time for the dailymail.com holiday party. Lohan was accompanied by her mother, Dina, at the party at Magic Hour in Moxy Times Square. Lohan spoke with Daily Mail about her upcoming Christmas plans with her family reunited.

"I think this will be our first full family Christmas dinner … in a long time," he said. "Mom, dad, the whole family, both grandmothers, Italians, Irish, all at dinner, it's going to be loud but good, I'm happy."

Lohan's parents separated in 2005 shortly after his father, Michael, was sentenced to prison for attempted assault and a D.U.I. Since then, his relationship with his father has been tense and well documented. Lohan once tweeted that her father is "a lunatic."

He also sang the praises of Daily Mail . . . Daily Mail for his fair report of it over the years.

"I appreciate the Daily Mail because they tell the truth, you know, it does not always have to be negative," she said. "And you do not have to find something that does not exist." They are very honest in their actions and what they publish, and I respect that, and I admire that, especially with all the media and the world we live in now. "

According to The Blast, Lohan is back in the city to take some meetings about possible acting roles, since "the 31-year-old woman feels that the experiences she has gained traveling around the world in recent years have helped to refine her talents"

Be careful, 2018, because Lindsay Lohan is back

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