Linda Carter replaces Gal Gadot as DCEU Wonder Woman in the DeepFake video

The original TV series Wonder Woman Linda Carter takes on a truly terrifying new Deepfake video for Dale Prince of DCEU for Gal Gadot.

Linda Carter replaces Gal Gadot as DCEU Amazing woman In an awesome new deepfake video. Gadot first embodied the DC superhero Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman on the big screen, Carter gave the character a small screen treat in the 1970s, in a TV series that ran for four seasons and 59 episodes.

Original though Amazing woman The show now looks cheesy in many ways, as Carter’s performance Amazing woman Still considered iconic by many fans. That’s why so many people were thrilled to see Carter come to the DCEU Wonder Woman 1984, Playing the character Asteria in a brief mid-credits scene. Of course, Carter first appeared in another modern day DC TV adaptation, playing on President Olivia Marsinade Great girl.

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Carter is still in many people’s hearts, given the special place Amazing woman Fans, it’s too bad that he never got a chance to play his most famous character on the big screen. But now thanks to DeepFake technology, Carter has the opportunity to join DCEU Amazing woman, Replacing Gadot in a new clip from Deepfaker. Watch the video in the space below:

Already using footage Amazing woman The film uses the DeepFake technique to replace Deepfecker Gadot’s face with Carter. Instead of using music to convey the excitement of Carter’s “performance” as Wonder Woman in scenes from Patty Jenkins’ film, though the clip does not bother to deal with any dialogue scenes. As it happens, Carter, who arrived at DCEU, also did a favor on a previous DeepFake video by DeepFaker that put Gadot in the 1970s. Amazing woman Tv show.

The fact that Carter and Gadot can so easily swap places between new movies and original TV shows proves how set-in-stone the Wonder Woman character has become in terms of look and feel . Of course, the new films are much more influential than the show, which was made on a 1970s network TV budget and could only do so much in terms of impact. But in spirit, movies and shows are not really separate, and actually Wonder Woman 1984 In many ways the TV show returned to its tone, at least for some of its more lighthearted scenes (of course other scenes took things in a heavier direction). The above Deepfake proves that the time was right for Carter to play Amazing woman In the big-budget adaptation of comic books, he has no problem bringing the character to life on the big screen for DC fans.

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Source: DeepFaker / YouTube

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