Lincoln Project Expands GOP Target List, Winning Trump ire

Behind the Lincoln Project, former GOP allies are expanding their list of Republican goals, affecting allied countries President TrumpThe Donald John Trumpeteers Union has called for funding education in the relief bill, launching an advertisement of 0. FDA Head Pledges We Will ‘Not Cut Corners’ On Coronovirus Vaccine Let Our Values ​​Run COVID-19 Liability Protection And national Republicans are scrambling to preserve a GOP majority in the Senate.

In addition to a relentless negative advertising campaign against Trump, the group has attacked Sen for over $ 1.3 million. Susan CollinsSusan Margaret Collinsstate aid emerges as major hurdle to revive COVID-19 talks Senators call for EU to remove tariffs on food, wine, spirits: report Coronovirus Republic’s key Senate majority defense (Maine), one of the weakest GOP senators for the reunion. This is by far the most they have spent on any Senate candidate.

Federal Election Commission filings show that the Lincoln Project has also targeted half a dozen other Republicans for the Sense in 2020. Corey GardnerCory Scott GardnerSenators call for EU tariffs to be removed on food, wine, spirits: key to merchants protecting Republican Senate majority to deal coronavirus. From a Republican donor to Senate GOP: Remove marriage penalties or isolate voters Take the risk of (Colo), Martha McSallyMartha Elizabeth McSallyCoronavirus Key to Deal for Republicans Defending Senate Majority From a Republican donor to a Senate GOP: Hillikan Valley removing voters or eliminating risk: Facebook banned ads from Trump supporter PAC. Uber reports big decline in revenue | US offers M reward for election interference information (Ariz.), Lindsey grahamLindsay Olin Grahamseveral GOP lawmakers expressed concern over Trump’s executive orders, with Graham saying he appreciates Trump’s orders, but ‘would like more of a Sunday congressional agreement’ Preview shows: White House , Congressional Democrats unable to overcome deadlock over coronovirus relief. (scheduled caste), Thom TillisThomas (Thom) Roland Tillisconovirus bargains for Republicans defending majority of Senate. From Republican Donor to Senate GOP: Eliminate Voters or Separate Voters Hill’s Campaign Report: COVID-19 Interferes More in Flux (NC), Jonny ErnstJoni Kay ErnstWill The Next Coronavirus Relief Package Leaves Required Workers Back? Hillican Valley: Facebook prohibits advertisements for Trump PAC | Uber reports big decline in revenue | US provides m reward for election interference information Senate passes legislation to ban Tiktok on federal equipment (Iowa), John cornynJohn Cornynkovid-19 bill limiting liability will be misaligned, from a Republican donor to Senate GOP: Eliminate marriage penalty or risk Suspects voters have exceeded Friday’s deadline for a Skepticism coronovirus deal (Texas), and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellEdison (Mich.) Michelle McConnellTeachers Union launched a 0K advertisement to finance education in the relief bill. No signs of success for stalled coronavirus talks State aid emerges as major hurdle to revive COVID-19 talks (Ky.).

The group is running ads in support of Democratic Senate candidates Steve bullSteve Bullcopy Republicans Uncomfortably Playing for Defense 300 Hare Group Senate says it is Senate’s ‘moral duty’ to reject Trump’s candidate for public lands Lincoln Project M in C race in Alaska, Maine, Montana Buy more with ads Montana and Al Gross in Alaska, who want to unscrew the censor. Steve dynesSteven (Steve) David Daines From a Republican donor to the Senate GOP: Eliminate marriage penalties or remove the risk that separates voters Hill’s campaign report: COVID-19 puts conventions in flux OVERNIGHT ENERGY: In trance law Signs the Major Protection Bill. Senate votes to confirm Energy’s No. 2 official | Trump Jr. expresses opposition to Pebble Mine Project More (R-Mont.) And Dan SullivanThe Daniel Scott Sullivanlincoal Project Targets Senate Race in Alaska, Maine, Montana, with M Ed buying Overnight Energy: Officials say protesters don’t seek approval for Trump from Lafayette Square. Trump Administration Refuses to Explode Banks Arctic Drilling The 2019 coal production hit its lowest level since 1978, with the Trump administration blasting banks that refuse to fund Arctic drilling and more (R-Alaska), respectively.

Reed Galen, a strategist for the group, told The Hill that “the Senate map has expanded” and that off-Senate Senate Republicans believe “their day will not come.” The Lincoln Project has invested a very small amount in commercials after the censors. Marco RubioMarco Antonio Rubiochin approves Rubio, Cruise in Hill’s retaliatory move in Hong Kong – Hill’s Morning Report – submitted by Facebook – negotiator signs relief bill stuck, PPP application window not closed after coronovirus talks (R-Fla.), Ted cruiseRafael (Ted) Edward Cruzance. Marque, Cruise Clash on Coronovirus Relief: ‘It’s Not a Goddon Joke Ted’ China Approves Rubio, Cruise in Retaliation on Hill’s Morning Report in Hong Kong – Submitted by Facebook – Negotiator Signal Bill Stuck, Not Dead (R Texas), Jim inhoeContempt and concurrence of James (Jim) Mountain Inhofetrump for advice The Senate GOP is divided on whether they will fill the vacant post of the Supreme Court. The controversial Trump nominee was placed in a senior role after hearing the nomination. (R-Okla.) And Mike roundsMarion (Mike) Michael Roundso the Money: Pessimism rises as coronovirus talks go down the wire Jobs report prepared for light fire under COVID-19 talks | Tax preparers warned those receiving unemployment that the IRS could lead to pessimism as Coronavirus talks go down the wire Trump goes viral which wrongly gives Yosemite more (R. Idaho).Galen said the group is “looking into the House once,” with a possible announcement on the front coming soon. In addition, the Lincoln Project is making a “solid and strong” effort to encourage voters to send in mail and absentee ballots.

The Lincoln Project is taking heat from Republicans for their support of Blue State GOP senators and moderates, such as Collins, who voted against Trump’s efforts to repeal Obamacare. Galen defended the attacks, saying that they would target anyone they believe fought insufficiently against Trump.

“The stated goal from the beginning was to get Trump and Trump-Ism out on the ballot box and drive out their supporters,” Galen said. “The senators we’ve gone after are not conservative Republicans in any classical sense of those words … They should be ‘Ts’ behind their names, not ‘Ru’.”

The Lincoln Project has gone viral with ad campaigns attacking Trump and any GOP senator he believes has not done enough to stand for president.

Prior to the election of Democrats, senior members of the group were well-known Washington Republicans. The team consists of lawyers George conwayGeorge Thomas Convelinkolan Project ad dubbers Jared Kushner ‘Secretary of Failure’ Hillican Valley: Trump raises idea of ​​election delay, facing rapid Bipartisan pushback. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google earnings report | Senator asks the Justice Department to investigate Tickcock, the zoom meme group joins Lincoln Project in new campaign against Trump MoreThe husband of senior White House adviser Keylan Conway, as well as veteran GOP operatives and strategists Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and John Weaver.

Republicans working to reconsider Trump and maintain a majority in the Senate are backing down, alleging that former GOP operatives are “grifters” who have elected Democrats since they established their throne when Trump was elected Jobs were lost.

They are accusing the Lincoln Project of being a “scam” PAC that lends money directly to the funnel with close ties to the founders.

Republican National Committee spokesman Steve Guest said, “The Lincoln Project consists of greater numbers who are nothing more than agents of the Democrat Party.” “Above all, these political opportunists are entirely concerned with making a quick buck for themselves.”

The Lincoln Project led two of its co-founders, Galen and Ron Staslow, to the consulting firm TUSK, Inc.

A review of the group’s independent expenditures shows that, in July itself, the Lincoln Project paid approximately $ 6 million to Galen’s firm Summit Strategic Communications for media purchases and production costs. Similarly, the group routed $ 870,000 through TUSK last month, mostly buying digital ads, the FEC filing shows.

Taken together, Summit Strategic Communications and TUSK are the two biggest sellers of the Lincoln Project.

Craig Holman, a government ethics expert on campaign finance and a non-liberal public citizen, said that the Lincoln Project did not operate as a so-called “scam PAC”, noting that he spent millions for legitimate political reasons.

Holman said, “The real scam PAC is very bold in the sense that they do not care what political reason they are working for.” “When it comes to the Lincoln Project, I think they are spending a lot of money to enrich the founders, but they hold a real political purpose.”

Holman said that all of this is not uncommon for political action committees that use vendors to use relationships with PACs. “It is unusual when a large part of the expenses go to you or your family,” he said.

Critics of the Lincoln Project have also raised questions about their motives through the previous work of senior members of the group.

Trump campaign insiders say Schmidt, a senior adviser to former Sen. John McCainJohn Sidney McCainbill Maher delivers silent eulogy for Trump Hillary Clinton, more on CNT’s Ana Navarro at the column to host Biden Roundtable on NYT’s Maureen Daward to make Trump ‘one-term president’He was interviewed to become Trump’s campaign manager in the 2008 presidential campaign, 2016. Schmidt refused, saying that he was offered the job of campaign manager three times, but was never interviewed for it. He says he only met Trump “to see what he was about.”

Critics of the Lincoln Project have broadcast a picture of Wilson, a veteran GOP operative, with a Confederate flag on his boat. They are also digging into their finances and debt. Weaver, a senior adviser to former Ohio Gov. John Cassich (R), has been attacked for attacking him at one point before lobbying against Russia’s sanctions.

“This is a Democratic scandal, run by a group of griffers who are desperate to remain relevant and fill their coffees,” said Joanna Rodriguez, spokesperson for the National Republican Sanatorial Committee.

Galen defended the group’s work by accusing Republican lawmakers elected to bend their principles to Trump.

He said that for the most part, Republican disagreements have been weak and GOP lawmakers remain tight-lipped as Trump finishes the debt, ordering police to move on peaceful protesters outside the White House, and challenging Russian President Vladimir Putin Refused. Reward on US forces.

“They have seen themselves as members of the US Senate and the country should be placed first,” Galen said. “If the head of the party is Donald Trump and you disagree on policy, politics and ornamentation, and the best you can summon is that you are worried and worried and hope he does better, then it is not a protest.”

Galen said, “I meet from a political point of view that you don’t want to attract his will, but at some point you have to take a stand on these things.” “When history turns back, will you stand with America and fight for the foundations of democracy or not?” These people have made their choice. ”


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