Lin-Manuel Miranda changes the lyrics to exploit a fan who films the Hamilton show

Lin-Manuel Miranda did an impromptu edition of one of the numbers in his acclaimed Hamilton On Wednesday night after he saw a woman filming a performance in Puerto Rico.

While performing A drinkMiranda noted that the audience member was pointing a camera at the stage, reports the BBC. So, thinking (or rapping, in fact) at his feet, he introduced a new line to the song: "I'm getting a scholarship to King's College, I probably should not brag, but dag, I'm surprised and amazed, Mrs. Rolling in the fourth row, please stop it. "

Traditionally, the last line is: "The problem is that I have many brains but no polish."

in a cheep After the show, Miranda shared the "second" rewrite and asked future audiences: "Please, do not force me to do that, again."

Hamilthought, Show # 7, 1/16/19
2nd "rewrite":
"I'm a scholarship to King & # 39; s College
Probably should not boast, but dag, amazement and amazement,
I have to scream to be heard … "

Please do not make me do that shit again.

– Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) January 16, 2019

As a general rule, filming a theatrical performance is a "no-no-no," according to, which reports that the woman ended up sending an apology to Miranda, who is resuming the lead role in the musical during a limited career. In Puerto Rico.

"I can not believe I witnessed this live", a member of the audience tweeted about the line change. "Everyone in the theater was breathless when that happened."

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