Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal await their second child and their son can not wait –

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal await their second child and their son can not wait


Sometimes, the best way to announce great news is to not announce it at all. It's official: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal await their second child, and instead of making a formal announcement to fill fans of Hamilton they decided to let their baby speak for himself. When Nadal and Miranda reached the red carpet before the London Evening Standard Theater Awards on Sunday night, she was very obviously pregnant, so the secret was finally left out.

So far, Miranda has not shared any details about the pregnancy, not even how advanced is Nadal, but knowing it is not surprising, since he likes to keep his private life quite private and only shares parts with fans here and there. But he took it to Twitter for to confirm the news when someone asked, responding with a simple: "Oh, hell, yes."

Een better than Miranda's answer to that question was how he described the way his son, Sebastian, is taking the news. Apparently, the 3-year-old is so excited that he became very impatient while waiting for his mother to give birth, even saying that he is waiting for his mother to be "born". As valuable as it is, it also seems that Miranda and Nadal are going to have to clarify some things when Sebastian is old enough for The Talk.

He is so impatient for that. Once, in the middle of the tantrum, he shouted: "When is Mom going to HAAAATCH …?" Https://

– (@lin_manuel) #

And, for the record, Nadal and his bundle, both dressed in flowers, looked fantastic in the photo that made all they will talk

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This family has always been very adorable, so this cute reaction from Sebastian is not at all surprising. But even though you're obviously excited to meet your future little brother or sister, do not expect to see your father sharing photos of their faces online. As perfect as those baby pictures would obviously be, Miranda is very private when it comes to photos of her son, so it's probably the same way with baby number two. He famously avoids showing Sebastian's face on social media, and even asked fans to cut him off if they saw the family in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade together.

Fortunately, it seems that everyone followed instructions, because Miranda got emotional when she noticed that this fan erased Sebastian when he saw his family, just as he had requested. Very cool about him, right?

When you see the Thanksgiving Day parade with Lin-Manuel Miranda behind you and you see all the people in the parade when they see you.

– (@cody_jensen) #

Do you see how cool New Yorkers are? I could BESBArte, Cody Jensen. Thanks for helping us keep it safe.

– (@lin_manuel) #

But although we can not see many pictures of the newborn baby (if there is one), it is safe to badume that Miranda will not stop when it's about talking about the nice or funny things he does. After all, when he took Sebastian to see Hamilton for the first time, he told the story of how he hated him during his appearance at The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this year . Apparently, the only song he really liked was "Dear Theodosia", and that was only because he thought his mother wrote it.

In fact, even live tweeted Sebastian's comment, and it's absolutely invaluable. It is also proof that, although he likes to keep his son's face hidden, he also loves to share some of his best moments with his followers, so there is a lot to look forward to when his second child is born … especially if he or She is as cheeky as Sebastian.

Before his 3rd birthday, we took Lil Man to Act One of Hamilton on Saturday. Your comments on this thread …

– (@lin_manuel) #

@elizjudd At the climax of Meet Me Inside: "WHY ARE BOTH USING SHOES?" (Maybe because we do not wear shoes inside? I do not know)

– (@lin_manuel) #

Although the photo and the tweets are cute, it definitely seems that Sebastian was not a big general fan, according to the Miranda interview. Maybe your brother or sister will appreciate the show more? You never know At least, it seems likely that Sebastian has a future as a professional theater critic.

Perhaps, Miranda and Nadal will offer more details about their future babies, but even if they do not, it is impossible not to be happy with this adorable and growing family. Your future baby is so lucky.

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