Lily James’ Romantic Roman Romance Inside Dominic West

The “Roman Holiday” portraits of Dominic West and Lily James were also terrible compared to the performance.

James and married West were on top of each other as they were caught up in the film this week and canoodling in the Italian capital during a day of sun and fun, The Post has learned.

“[He] Can’t stop kissing her neck and stroking her, “a witness said.

“They then went to a nearby church, Chiasa di Santianzio, and Dominic placed his hand on Lily’s butt.”

West and James’ decision to sample “La Dolce Vita” changed on Monday when pictures of roaming in Rome were circulating on the Internet.

This led to a strange public display of affection between West and his wife Catherine Fitzgerald, in which they awkwardly kissed in front of the cameras and handed a hand-written letter to reporters all convinced that their marriage is strong.

The pair – who will play the role of father and daughter in the new BBC / Amazon show “The Pursuit of Love” – ​​were housed for two nights at Rome’s posh Hotel de la Ville, which boasts a panoramic view of the city.

West, 50, and 31-year-old James left their love nest for a few hours to ride electric scooters around the Spanish Steps and the Piazza de Pietra before they left their joint manager Angarad Wood, her daughter and Da. Join a friend for lunch. Sabatino Restaurant.

Witness said, “He actually drank a lot of wine and Lily did something bad to wear.”

Sources said they then went out for a walk at Leonardo da Vinci Airport before flying to the UK together.

When pictures of his jaundice were published on Monday, FitzGerald was at home in the British country with his four young children during his Habib’s apparent Italian fling.

After photos of West and James were published on Monday, he was “devastated,” sources said.

By Tuesday morning, however, the couple posed publicly for a bizarre photo call – rumored to be appearing in the West and wearing the same clothing they wore in Italy.

With smiles etched on their faces – and FitzGirld gripping a tissue – the couple handed photographers a piece of paper in West’s handwriting.

“Our marriage is strong and we are still together,” it said, putting both of his signatures down.

West is best known for playing Noah Solay in the showtime drama “The Affair”, which explores his love affair with Alison Bailey, played by Ruth Wilson.

The star, who has been married to Irish landscape designer and aristocrat Fitzgirl since 2010, has made no secret of her views on extramarital affairs.

In 2016, she claimed that it was “dishonest to kick someone one” and suggested that “women should have more enjoyment of affairs.”

Dominic West and wife Catherine FitzGerald make a statement to press outside their Cotswolds home.
Dominic West and wife Catherine FitzGerald make a statement to press outside their Cotswolds home.GlosPics / Mega

He said, “Everyone should keep a close eye on the behavior of men between the ages of 40 and 50 years. Let it be eradicated completely.”

He branded monogamy “not necessarily the natural way”.

West has often said how much he is hurt by his former girlfriend Polly Astor, the mother of his oldest daughter Martha, 22, while filming “The Wire”.

“A lot happened to my system – hopefully”, he said.

“And now I act it out. There are a lot of sex scenes in ‘The Affair’. I would not have been happy if Catherine had been something like this. But he is fine with it. she’s very nice.”

In another interview, West stated that his wife had no objection to playing with bastards who betrayed her.

“He doesn’t care,” he said. “By the time I get back with the kids, I can play to my advantage as much as I want. I have known him for 20 years now, and he dumped me on several occasions. I can no longer surprise him in any way.

James, who first found fame in “Doughton Abbey”, recently broke off his five-year relationship with “The Crown” actor Matt Smith, who declined to comment yesterday.

And in June, she was in London enjoying a night out and a casual park date with “Captain America” ​​star Chris Evans.

Representatives for West and James declined to comment.


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