Lily Collins ‘Emily in Paris’ corrects herself after edge gaffe

Emily in paris Viewers may not know the true age of Emily Cooper, but one thing is sure: she is definitely not 22. Shortly after her comments were sent entirely to social media, Lily Collins admitted she was wrong about him. Emily in paris The character’s age on her Instagram Story, with a post that made fun of herself for handling Emily.

“Emily Looks at Me When I Get Her Age Wrong,” Collins captioned a GIF from the Netflix series of her own, as Emily gave a side-eye to another character. “Sorry girl. You may not be 22, but I would say – you do this kind of acting sometimes !!!” Collins’s post comes two days later British vogue Published an interview, in which the actor stated that Emily was “fresh out of college” during the series.

“Maybe it’s her first year after graduation. I want to say she’s like 22-ish,” Collins said. “She had enough experience at her company in Chicago that she earned the respect of her boss,” who decides not to do the job in Paris and sends Emily instead. The actor added, “She is a smart cookie and is really innovative. And this is not her first rodeo that she is doing. She has gone to school for it, and has completed an internship.”

While Collins’ comments made sense in the context of Emily’s professional naïveté, many social media users reported Has a master’s degree in character in communication, And it would be incredibly unlikely that he would complete both undergraduate and graduate school before the age of 22. In addition, Emily will have to work in the Gilbert group for her boss for at least a year – played by Kate Walsh – feeling comfortable enough to send her to Paris. All in all, it is clear that Emily is over 22, though How There is still a long debate.

In a conversation with E! the rundown, Lucas Bravo – who plays the beautiful chef and Emily’s love, Gabriel – introduced his theory about Emily’s age. “I’d say she would probably be 24 years old,” he suggested shortly after Collins’s comment went viral. “After 26 there is something where women start looking … in terms of personality. I think she is still very strong-willed and has certainties, but yes I would say [that she is] About 24. “Bravo’s theory makes more sense, noting that it takes about two years to complete a master’s degree, although the show’s creator Darren Starr has not yet confirmed that his guess is correct. or not.

No matter how old he is, Collins is aware of why Emily is such a “fish out of water” when she arrives in Paris. “Not the person who traveled during college,” the actor explained British vogue. “She was really, really focused on her jobs in the Midwest, and I don’t think she’s overseas. … If she had gone to a different company in Chicago, she would have been taken seriously – but In Paris, she is. Not prepared for the cultural shift she experiences in Savor. The only real experience in Europe is through films and TV. ”

And as some of Emily’s experiences in Paris may be conservative, Collins explained that many of them were based on real things that happened to her when she was in the City of Light. “When I went to Paris for filming, I really had a lot of experiences like Emily,” she said. “I mean, the heating in my apartment broke for two weeks; I got the floor wrong in my building; my elevator stopped working … I almost stepped into dog poop. It’s a cliche, but It is also a fundamental human landscape. ” In the end, it is about Emily’s point of view; She just gets through it, and she does it with a little humor. “