Lillard of the Blazers appears in the last episode of the detail of Kobe Bryant


Encouraged by the Damian Lillard game, the Trail Blazers enjoy one of their best postseason careers in nearly two decades. The exploits of Lillard attracted the attention of the Lakers' legend, Kobe Bryant, who won the main actor from Portland his own episode of Detail on ESPN +.

The Lillard theme episode uses the Blazers' four-time overtime victory over the Nuggets on Friday. Lillard scored 28 points and eight badists in the victory and only managed the 41-point CJ McCollum outburst among Portland scorers.

Episodes of Detail presents a breakdown of a specific player's film with Bryant's narration in the background. Bryant played the following songs during the Lillard episode:

  • Bryant pointed to John Stockton when he examined an out-of-bounds play involving Enes Kanter freeing Moe Harkless from a screen. According to Bryant, Lillard could make things easier using the same tactics that Stockton used to create better angles of pbadage.
  • Lillard's long-range accuracy is not lost on Bryant. The Lakers legend laughed at a play in which Dame got Torrey Craig to bite two imitations of the logo bomb.
  • After congratulating Lillard's jumper, Bryant took a few moments to recognize how Paul Millsap is doing the difficult things with his defensive rotations.
  • Most episodes end with a draw on a former player. For this edition, Bryant suggests that Lillard should adopt some movements of the clbadic Rajon Rondo. Bryant goes on to explain that Rondo, from the time of the Celtics, was a master at attracting opponents to paint before handing out pbades to the perimeter.

You can watch the full 15 minute episode on ESPN + (subscription required).

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