Lil Nas X seems to be teasing new songs: see list

Earlier this week, Lil Ness X stated that new music is imminent, and now it looks like it is getting ready to deliver.

“He is starting to release music soon, money is running out of the old city street soon,” he tweeted on Thursday (September 10).

By Sunday, she carelessly posted a song, which may have been the song’s title – because one of the items on the list is “Call Me By Your Name”, a clip fans first heard from her in July – on Instagram.

When he retweeted a post indicating the “Revealed part of his track list” list for his upcoming album, it appears that he confirmed it.

“Call Me By Your Name” is on the list of Lil Nash X from potential song titles “Titanic,” “One of Me” and “Don’t Want It”. Much of the text of the page is hidden, so he is leaving a little secret on the table.

Take a look at their Instagram stories, or see in the screenshot below what might work.