Lil Nas X releases the new remix of "Old Town Road" with Young Thug and Mason Ramsey: listen

Lil Nas X has released the much anticipated new remix of their hit "Old Town Road," which now features Young Thug, Mason Ramsey (Yodeling's Boy) and Billy Ray Cyrus. Listen to the new version of "Old Town Road" below.

Billy Ray Cyrus initially got on the first remix of "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X. Last month, the young rapper appeared on stage with Miley Cyrus and his father in Glastonbury to perform the song. The next day, he left as gay. "It's something I never thought to do, never, taking to the grave," he told the BBC in a later interview, "but I do not want to live my whole life, especially how I got to where I am without doing what I want to do."

Read "How the & # 39; Old Town Road & # 39; Lil Nas X became a lightning rod for the race, the charts and country music "on the field.

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