Lightning win over Blue Jacket by Breydon Point after 5 overs; Junus Corpisalo makes 85 saves

After six hours, with five overtimes and 151 shots on goal, the Tampa Bay Lightning won an epic Game 1 against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Tuesday night.

Bryden Point clocked 150 minutes, 27 seconds to win Tampa Bay 3–2.

“It was very special,” said the lightning forward. “We were all tired. We were all looking for a goal. When we all saw that going in, it was too much emotion.”

On the winning goal, well, there wasn’t much science to it: “I see a rolling puck, I see it on the net. I’m not even thinking,” Bindu said.

It was the fourth longest playoff game in NHL history – so long that the Boston Brins-Carolina Hurricanes game, which was originally slated for 8 PM ET on Tuesday, rescheduled it for Wednesday at 11 AM. was done. This arena takes 90 minutes to disinfect workers. Clear the ice between the bench and the game; Including the warm-up, Boston and Carolina faced an early time, usually reserved for beer leaks.

Blue Jackets goaltender Junus Corpisalo made 85 saves, setting a new NHL playoff record – set in 1987, topping New York Islands goalkeeper Kelly Hruday’s previous mark of 73 saves. Columbus blocked 62 shots in the game.

The Lightning single-handedly scored 88 goals, while the New York Rangers combined in their three matches against the Hurricanes in the qualification round.

“I’m really hoping that Corpisalo breaks the 100-save mark,” Hirde said in an interview on Sportsnet between the overtime periods. “And I’m really hoping that the game lasts so long [Andrei] Vasilevsky broke my record, as well. This is just an incredible performance. I have been waiting for this for 20-some years.

Vasilevskiy finished with 61 saves.

Columbus defenseman Seth Jones also set a new NHL playoff record for ice time, skating in 65 minutes, 6 seconds, beating Sergei Zubov’s old record of 63 minutes, 51 seconds for the Dallas Stars in 2003. Jones wishes his father, former NBA player Popeye Jones, for minutes played in a game. Poppe Jones’ career was 56 minutes in 1996, with the Toronto Raptors, during a three-overtime loss to the Boston Celtics.

After the game, Seth Jones said that he “feels fine” but that he took umbrage to the way he played the game.

“To me that was disrespectful, kinda suspicious,” Jones said.

Every player on each team, except Cam Atkinson of Columbus, recorded a shot at goal, although Atkinson had a breakup opportunity shortly before the point score. Atkinson crashed into the net after being chased by a defender, but there was no penalty on play.

On a TV timeout in the fourth overtime period, the big screen at the fanless Scotiabank Arena announced that it was time to start the seventh inning. By the fifth overtime, a new message appeared: “Sorry if you had other plans tonight.”

The Blue Jackets already had tired legs, playing their sixth game in nine days, with two going to overtime.

Players on both sides said that mental fatigue was as much as physical fatigue.

“There is no way to prepare for a game that goes long,” Point said.


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