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Lighthouse could be the smartest camera for the smartest home – Video

[MUSIC] The Lighthouse interactive wizard could be the most advanced smart home camera we have ever tested.
Beyond what you would expect from a normal Wi-Fi connected camera, Lighthouse has a 3D time-of-flight sensor.
That is the same sensor that is used in cars that drive by themselves, that allows you to detect the depth of space so you can detect movement, but you will also know if that movement was caused by a shadow or by a person.
You can even distinguish the difference between a person and a pet.
Lighthouse also learns faces.
And all this knowledge is included in its user-friendly application along with its custom-designed voice assistant, since it knows faces, people, pets.
The application is really amazing.
It also has a very intuitive search there.
Then you can tell me when Andrew comes home or tell me if Andrew does not get home at 3 p.m.
And you will understand all those criteria when you look for Now, I said earlier that ILghthouse could be the most advanced camera we have tested because we have only been testing it for about a week.
And we need to give it a little more time to learn faces and test it in a couple of different environments.
Environments before issuing a final verdict.
That said, after a week of testing, it's a bit more ordinary as a camera than I expected.
He has not yet learned anyone's face with 100% reliability.
And because it depends on geoperimetraje, sometimes, it really does not know if it is at home or far away.
And he does not understand most actions like running yet.
I'm also curious to see how much smarter it becomes once it fully learns everyone's face.
The lighthouse is expensive
The camera itself costs $ 300 against 200 for most of its competitors.
And you practically have to pay the subscription fee of $ 10 per month to take advantage of most of your intelligence.
Due to that price, although the application is amazing, I need to see a bit more of the camera to recommend it.
Stay tuned for the full review.

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